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Lu Heting was busy with work and couldnt accompany them every time.

However, he would try his best to make time for them.

This time, Su Bei didnt specially buy tickets to invite Lu Heting to the cinema to watch Two Phoenixes.

Su Bei was at home.

She kept receiving good news and watched as the box office sales of Two Phoenixes climbed higher and higher.

When they went to bed that night, Su Bei rubbed her shoulders and exclaimed, “My son is so heavy!”

“Did Gun Gun ask you to carry him again” Lu Heting reached out to massage her shoulders.

He lowered his eyes and looked at her pitifully.

Su Bei smiled.

“Well, hes my son, after all.”

Da Bao did not like to be carried, but Gun Gun loved to be carried the most.

Su Bei was not able to hug or carry Gun Gun in the past few years, so she felt guilty toward him.

Naturally, she would grant his requests.

Lu Heting thought of Gun Guns face, which was similar to Su Beis.

He couldnt blame the child.

When he was almost done massaging her, he whispered, “Lets watch a movie tonight.”

“Sure.” Su Bei nodded in agreement, but then grew wary.

“Youre not going to show me one of those movies, are you”

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After watching that movie, she slept until the afternoon the next day and couldnt get up.

The aftereffects were simply too severe.

From then on, Su Bei firmly forbade Lu Heting from watching those movies.

Lu Heting laughed.

The last time was his first time watching such things too.

“Then tell me, is there a kissing scene in the movie” Su Bei asked warily.

Su Bei looked annoyed.

“Are there any action scenes”

Su Bei snatched the remote control away.

“Were not gonna watch.

Lets just go to sleep.”

“Then you can sleep.

Ill watch it myself.” Lu Heting nodded and took the remote control from her hand.

Su Bei pulled the blanket over her head.

Instead of a TV, the room was equipped with an ultra-high-definition projector, so whatever they watched gave them plenty of audio-visual enjoyment.

However, if she were to watch those movies, Su Bei would definitely refuse!

She heard Lu Heting turn on the projector, and images began to appear on the screen.

Lu Heting seemed to be watching with relish.

Su Bei couldnt help but be curious.

She couldnt help but poke her head out of the blanket and look at the screen.

She was surprised.

On the screen was Two Phoenixes, which she was starring in!

“Lu Heting, are you watching a pirated movie!” Su Bei knew that the movie had just been released.

Other than the cinema, there was no other way he could watch it.

As the CEO of a listed corporation, how could he watch pirated movies

Lu Heting explained, “This is a copy from the cinema chain.

I paid for it.”

Relieved, she immediately sat up and watched it with him.

Lu Heting laughed above her head.

“Isnt this a movie with kissing scenes and action scenes”

“Youre teasing me!” Su Bei blushed.

Of course, there was a kissing scene in Two Phoenixes.

Besides, as an ancient martial arts film, it was normal to have action scenes.

“Or do you want to watch that” Lu Hetings mischievous voice sounded.

“This is a good movie.” She took his arm.

The projector at home was very professional and was not inferior to a movie theater.

Hence, watching the movie here felt like they were in the movie theater.

When Su Bei filmed the scenes, she filmed them one by one.

She didnt film them in the exact order of the entire movie, so she didnt know how the results would be.

When she immersed herself in her emotions to watch, she was attracted by the stories and characters, completely intoxicated by them.

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