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Su Beis fans bought tickets like crazy.

They had been anticipating news from Su Bei for a long time, but in the past month, Su Bei had not given them any news at all.

No one knew what she was doing.

The fans urge to see her had been stimulated to the maximum.

Anyone who had watched Boxer knew that the film was more about the characters.

The completeness of the story was average, and it was all down to He Xuyans skills.

As for Two Phoenixes, it was a complete feature film with cause and effect.

It was a commercial story blockbuster that was more in line with the market.

Therefore, although the word of mouth and reputation of this movie wasnt as good as the previous one, the storytelling made many movie fans feel satisfied.

In particular, the complete family, romance, and friendship scenes made many people cry.

There was also a scene where Lu Heting was a substitute for Lin Yu and kissed Su Bei.

Director Guo handled this scene very well.

Almost no one could tell that Lin Yu had used a substitute.

Everyone was moved by the scene and kiss.

Many people even took screenshots of this scene and made them into GIFs that spread widely.

When Lu Weijian went to the cinema and saw this scene, his lips twitched.

His brother wasnt jealous

This was really strange!

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Could it be that Su Bei had used a substitute for her scenes here

That must be it! Lu Weijian had no doubt that his brother would never let Su Bei kiss anyone else!

He looked around and couldnt see any difference between that substitute and Su Bei.

He couldnt help but praise Director Guo in his heart.

He was really skilled.

He couldnt tell who his sister-in-law had used as a substitute at all!

After Lu Weijian finished watching the movie, he deeply felt that this movie was more to his liking than the previous one.

In the group chat with Lu Heting and Su Bei, he praised crazily: [Sister-in-law, your acting is really good.

I cried several times]

[Thank you ^_^!] Su Bei replied.

[To put it bluntly, my favorite character in this is your character as Ni Huang.

You act so well!]

[Of course, my wife acted well!] Lu Heting replied.

He seemed to think that Lu Weijians flattery was unnecessary.

Did he need to praise Su Beis acting skills

Lu Weijian was shocked.

[I shouldnt be in the group.

I should be hiding underground.]

Su Bei replied: [Thank you, Hubby!]

Lu Heting posted a GIF of Ni Huang kissing Zhan Han in Two Phoenixes.

This was also the photo he had just uploaded on Weibo.

This scene became the best scene in his opinion.

When Lu Weijian saw this, he was confused.

What was Big Brother trying to do by posting this kissing scene that was shot by a substitute How could he please Sister-in-law like this

As he was thinking, he saw Su Bei replying to Lu Heting with a GIF of the kiss scene from another angle.

Lu Weijian could only say that he couldnt understand the couple.

In the past month or so, Su Bei had not shown her face much.

In fact, she had been accompanying Da Bao and Gun Gun.

Coincidentally, it was summer vacation, so the two munchkins had plenty of time.

Su Bei couldnt bear to miss their childhood days, so she spent more time at home.

During this time, she even took them on a few short drives.

Gun Gun was so excited and active during the day that he would very quickly fall asleep after getting home every day.

Da Bao also enjoyed Su Bei taking time out to accompany them.

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