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However, not long after Jia Jias advertisement, the brand encountered the greatest crisis in history.

First, all the malls in Jingbei Square had dropped the brand.

The products were no longer displayed on any shelves.

Besides, many malls in the city center also took down the brands products.

As the largest representative in the country, President Du was instantly in a terrible fix.

The contracts that were originally in the bag were about to be renewed, but the malls announced that they would not renew them.

All of a sudden, President Du suffered heavy financial losses.

As the brand encountered large-scale delisting, the news spread out uncontrollably.

The competitors took this opportunity to take advantage of the situation.

Rumor had it that this brand was dropped and removed from shelves because there were quality problems.

The news became more and more intense.

President Du could not stop this decline even if he begged.

When the remaining small shopping malls heard about this situation, some people took President Dus brand off the shelves, while others took the opportunity to ask President Du for an additional share of the profits.

This caused President Du to be completely unable to withstand it in a short period of time.

He fell into a complete breakdown.

Jia Jia was naturally implicated.

Her current popularity was not stable, and she did not have many loyal fans to begin with.

Due to this endorsement, she was scolded badly by netizens.

Some fans also asked for an explanation on her Weibo.

[Jia Jia, I got an allergic reaction because of this skincare product.

As the spokesperson, you have to compensate me!]

[And to think that we liked you.

Look at all the bullsh*t endorsements youre taking on.

Are you crazy about money]

[Artists like you who come into money so quickly and have no conscience are the scum of society!]

[Ill never trust Jia Jias endorsements again.

What trash!]

Jia Jia hid behind her phone screen, not daring to say a word.

Moreover, Li Qisheng had also made it clear that he could not do public relations for her.

This was because he had already reminded her of the situation beforehand.

When she and Tian Jinnuo signed this contract, they said that they would take responsibility.

Di Xing Media Company was not affected this time because the entire company did not help Jia Jia with the publicity.

At that time, Li Qisheng had already understood the hidden meaning of Su Beis words.

He was very careful and avoided this storm.

Jia Jia was busy looking for President Du, but she was scolded by President Du.

President Du was already in a terrible fix and could not figure out the source of the problem.

How could he have the time to care about a lover like her

Jia Jia had no choice but to admit that she was unlucky.

Unfortunately, her new acting career was destined to suffer a huge setback because of this.

Other brands did not dare approach her for endorsements now.

Even good scripts could no longer be handed to her at this critical moment.

Su Bei had already given them advice on this matter, but they refused to listen.

Even at this point, Jia Jia didnt blame herself.

Instead, she blamed Su Bei.

“Its all that jinx Su Beis fault.

She cursed me and made me like this!” Jia Jia was very angry.

Her face contorted when she thought of Su Bei.

Tian Jinnuo was the same as Jia Jia.

She didnt reflect on her own problems.

Instead, she felt that if not for Su Bei, things wouldnt have ended up like this.

However, she didnt believe that Su Bei had the ability to dominate the entire market.

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