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“You guys won President Dus endorsement deal” Su Bei was indeed quite surprised.

It was obvious that President Du was a playboy.

It could be seen that Jia Jia had put in a lot of effort this time.

Su Bei did not want to criticize Jia Jia by taking the moral high ground.

She just felt that this attitude of exchanging her body for money was indeed quite despicable.

Jia Jia heard the contempt in Su Beis words and retorted sarcastically, “Su Bei, I know youre quite powerful and can get all kinds of resources.

But this time, President Du did choose me.

He thinks that Im more suitable for his brand.

Although were very sorry, we didnt do anything wrong to you.

Were just relying on our own abilities to make a living.”

Su Bei knew that she was being misunderstood, but she had no qualms about it.

However, this was a company under Lu Group, and she, Su Bei, was also involved.

She smiled and said, “Then I suggest that you dont take on this endorsement, lest you get into trouble.”

When President Dus brand was dropped by the major shopping malls, it would definitely cause doubts about the quality of the brand.

The spokesperson would also be deeply affected.

Su Bei persuaded her kindly because she was from Di Xing.

Tian Jinnuo immediately smiled and said, “Su Bei, even if you didnt accept the advertisement deal, you shouldnt stop us from doing so, right Besides, were doing this openly.

If we can earn money, why not Dont you think so Its better than letting other companies earn that bit of money, right”

“In that case, I wont say anything more.

I wish you luck.” Su Bei turned to leave.

Anyway, one or two good-for-nothing employees and artists wouldnt shake the foundation of Di Xing.

That was all she said.

They could think about whatever they wanted.

Tian Jinnuo and Jia Jia thought about it very clearly and felt that Su Bei was just targeting them.

Li Qisheng agreed with Su Beis advice and said, “Tian Jinnuo, Jia Jia, why dont you reconsider this endorsement”

“Manager Li, this brand has always been good.

Why cant we take it” Tian Jinnuo asked.

Li Qisheng really couldnt come up with a valid reason.

He just instinctively trusted Su Bei.

For no good reason, he couldnt go and stop his employees from working.

Li Qisheng said, “Since you insist, go ahead.

However, if anything really happens, dont blame the company for not protecting you.”

Tian Jinnuo immediately said, “Manager Li, we got the deal ourselves.

Of course, we have to take responsibility.”

She and Jia Jia walked out.

Jia Jia criticized Su Bei, “Su Bei is indeed scheming.

She even wants to suppress us in such matters.

This brand has been developing in Country S for more than ten years.

Ive never heard of any problems.”

“I think Su Bei is just angry from embarrassment.

She didnt get the endorsement deal, and she certainly doesnt want you to.

Naturally, she has to find a way to interfere.

However, the more she does this, the more it means that were doing the right thing.

Su Bei is jealous.”

Jia Jia found the words to be reasonable.

Afraid that things would change, Tian Jinnuo quickly signed the endorsement contract and quickly had Jia Jia film the advertisement for the endorsement.

She urged the brand to quickly release Jia Jias advertisement.

It was not until she saw the advertisement for Jia Jias endorsement on the TV and on Weibo that Tian Jinnuo heaved a sigh of relief.

This time, Su Bei wouldnt be able to cause trouble anymore, right

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