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Zhuo Liping immediately noted it down.

“Alright, Miss Su.

It just so happens that a better brand is negotiating with us.

Without this brand, we can make room for others.”


Just go ahead with this arrangement,” said Su Bei.

What she did not expect was that while she only planned to let President Du suffer a loss, someone was helping her take drastic measures to hurt President Du so badly that the pain would penetrate him deeply.

At the same time, Lu Heting also received news that President Du was slandering Su Bei.

Lu Weijian had heard about it.

Lu Weijian liked to join any group chat and had a lot of friends.

He was not in the group, but his best friend was.

When he saw those words, he knew that Lu Weijian had always been a fan of Su Bei, so he quickly sent him a screenshot.


Weijian, whos this President Du He actually said that your Sister Bei Bei is most likely kept by an old man He said that shes not even worth 10 million yuan!]

Lu Weijian looked at the screenshot.

He immediately replied: [Forget it.

Ignore him.

Dont let him know how he died.]

His best friend trembled in fear.

Was President Du really going to die If he died without knowing how, it would be too tragic!

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When Lu Weijian received the news, he immediately reported it to Lu Heting.

Lu Heting didnt even look at the screenshot and said directly, “Remove all the brands products from all the shopping malls of Lu Group.”

Lu Weijian immediately replied, “Yes, Ill do it now!”

He snorted inwardly.

Just because Sister Bei Bei rejected his offer, he was going to slander her President Du, get ready to die!

Lu Weijian checked.

President Dus contract with Lu Group had just expired.

He was about to renegotiate but Lu Group had made this decision.

This way, they did not have to spend a sum on the penalty fee.

This was good timing.

While President Du was still having sex with Jia Jia, he did not know that he already facing the greatest crisis in his life.

The malls in the citys secondary center and main city center had silently cut off their cooperation with him overnight.

They did not inform him and only lost contact with him.

Therefore, everyone on President Dus side still did not know about this outcome.

Although there were still many malls left that could continue to sell their goods, the remaining malls occupied less than 20% of the market.

How could President Du afford to use 20 percent of his share to guarantee a 90 percent profit

And he still knew nothing.

The next day, Tian Jinnuo had won President Dus contract and happily went to tell Li Qisheng the good news.

A 10 million yuan endorsement contract was a sky-high price for Jia Jia!

Besides, Jia Jia could get a lot of publicity from this.

Su Bei was talking in Li Qishengs office.

When she saw Tian Jinnuo and Jia Jia walk in, she knew that they had something to say.

Hence, she smiled and said, “Manager Li, Ill leave first.”

Li Qisheng was really touched.

Even though she had such a status, she never relied on it.

She was always neither servile nor overbearing.

Tian Jinnuo and Jia Jia were just about to show off.

How could they bear to let Su Bei leave

Tian Jinnuo quickly said, “Su Bei, you seem to have been talking about President Dus endorsement, right Im sorry, but President Du met us last night and gave the endorsement deal to Jia Jia.

We didnt want to accept it, but instead of letting him give the deal to the artists of other companies, its better for our own people to accept it, right”

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