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President Du was unhappy with Su Bei and Qiao Meis attitude.

Now that someone who knew how to act according to the situation was sent in, he was naturally in a good mood.

Jia Jia wasnt willing to do this either.

However, now that she had no one to rely on and Tian Jinnuo was no longer in an important position, she had no choice but to try her best to please President Du.

She placed her hand on President Dus hand and said, “President Du, you must be using your brands skincare products, right You look so young! Dont be stingy with such skincare products.

You should recommend some to me.”

President Du was overjoyed by the compliment.

He held Jia Jias hand and hugged her in front of everyone.

The room card that he had wanted to give to Su Bei was placed in Jia Jias hand.

Jia Jia pouted and accepted the card.

After Su Bei and Qiao Mei left, they still looked relaxed and smug.

Qiao Mei said reassuringly, “Forget it.

Therell be better deals next time.”

“Its fine.

Youve worked hard tonight, Sister Qiao Mei.” Su Bei smiled.

Qiao Mei glanced at the phone, her expression suddenly one of anger.

“Whats wrong, Sister Qiao Mei”

Qiao Mei said, “This Du fellow didnt succeed in making a move on you, so he slandered you in a group chat.

This group is filled with old men with status.

I didnt expect these people to be so disgusting in private.

I joined this group previously.

He clearly knows that Im in the group chat, but hes still saying such things.

Its obvious that hes saying it to me to make me feel disgusted.”

Su Bei didnt know what President Du had said, but she knew that those words must have been especially outrageous.

Otherwise, Qiao Mei wouldnt be so angry.

In that case, Su Bei would not be polite to President Du.

“Sister Qiao Mei, forget it.

Its just a few words.

They wont hurt me.

Its not like theyll make me bleed, right” Su Bei persuaded Qiao Mei instead.

Although Qiao Mei thought the same, she still felt uncomfortable.

She didnt want to convey her emotions to Su Bei, so she just said, “Go back and rest well.

Next time, lets find a better endorsement deal and forget about todays unpleasantness.”

Su Bei nodded and took a taxi.

After getting into the car, she sent a message to Zhuo Liping and asked: [Is the contract with President Dus brand expiring in our mall]

Zhuo Liping replied: [Yes, its about to be renewed for next year.]

Currently, after Su Beis successful mall in the suburbs, she expanded to several more shopping malls in a short period of time.

That first mall was originally going to be built as a satellite city in Jingdu City.

However, Lin Hancheng interfered in it and it became a dead city.

However, because of Su Beis success, the place was rebuilt and become a very popular city.

Jingbei Square was also in full bloom, occupying all the favorable positions in this city.

“Dont renew it,” Su Bei said calmly, playing with her hair with her fingers.

She didnt take the incident with him to heart at all because she had her own way of protecting herself.

Zhuo Liping was someone Su Bei had personally promoted.

He listened to all of Su Beis opinions and did not ask for any reason.

As a result, President Dus brand was about to bid farewell to the entire city.

If a mall could not sell a certain brand, it would not bring many negative effects to it.

However, if a brand lost its contract with several shopping malls at the same time, the impact might be a little big.

This was enough to make President Du suffer.

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