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His undisguised gaze wandered over her face.

Su Bei frowned slightly.

She had seen too many old men like him.

While she felt disgusted, she was also disappointed in human nature.

She was indescribably disgusted by this behavior.

President Du didnt seem to notice at all.

He was even more fascinated, especially when Su Bei frowned.

It made her look even more charming and flirtatious.

He couldnt take his eyes off her.

Su Bei gently played with her fingers and quietly let him watch.

Perhaps he had seen enough now, but the price he would have to pay would not be so simple.

Her eyebrows relaxed as she smiled.

President Du was even more stunned, but he didnt know that in her heart, he had been sentenced to death.

Qiao Mei saw through President Dus thoughts and couldnt help but say, “President Du, the contract for your brands previous spokesperson has expired.

I believe that if we do a good job, both of us will benefit greatly.

Why dont—”

Seeing that Qiao Mei did not know what was appropriate, President Dus tone was a little unpleasant.

He knew that although the entire Di Xing Media Company relied on the development of Lu Group, it was not valued by Lu Group, let alone these artists under it.

He threw out a room card and said, “In that case, Su Bei can come to my room for a drink.

I dont mind having a good talk with Su Bei.”

Qiao Meis expression changed.

As a manager and agent, she had some experience.

It had been a long time since she had been thrown a room card.

She regained her smile and said, “President Du, our Su Bei can do anything, but shes not very good at drinking.

As for the cooperation, naturally, only I can negotiate it with you.

Since you want to drink and talk, I can come, right”

Qiao Mei was actually quite good-looking.

Of course, she wouldnt sacrifice herself.

She knew that with a beauty like Su Bei here, President Du wouldnt take a fancy to her.

She was just making a calculated move.

Sure enough, President Du smiled.

“I dont wish to drink with you, Miss Qiao.

It seems that the endorsement fee of ten million yuan…”

Ten million yuan was indeed not a low price.

He deliberately said that to arouse Su Bei and Qiao Mei.

However, Qiao Mei and Su Bei were not shallow people.

They wanted to buy Su Bei for 10 million yuan

Qiao Mei smiled and said, “Since you dont wish to drink with me, we can only forget about it for now.

President Du, well meet again if fate allows it.”

With just a few words, Qiao Mei resolved the conflict without offending anyone on the surface.

She pulled Su Bei up and left.

When President Du saw them leave, there was nothing he could do.

However, it was indeed a pity that he could not obtain a beauty like Su Bei.

He snorted at their backs.

“What is this Do you really think 10 million dollars is easy to earn”

At that moment, someone knocked on the door.

The secretary went to open the door to the private room.

The people who entered were Tian Jinnuo and Jia Jia.

They had been waiting for this opportunity, but Su Bei intervened first.

Seeing that they left after chatting for a short while, Tian Jinnuo naturally seized the time and brought Jia Jia in.

Jia Jia shouted, “President Du, Im Jia Jia.

Ive always heard of your name and have long admired you.

Its my honor to meet you today.”

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