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Tian Jinnuo was also a little angry.

“Stop talking about it.

Even I was deceived by her.

Even Di Xing doesnt like me now.

Fortunately, I wasnt completely dragged down by her.

Otherwise, wed both be in trouble.

This endorsement deal was originally for Jia Shiyun.

You should seize such an opportunity.”

Jia Jia secretly made up her mind to win this endorsement!

In the past, she could still rely on Jia Shiyun.

Now that Jia Shiyun had fallen from the top, she could not even protect herself.

Jia Shiyun could not even get an endorsement now, so how could she help Jia Jia

In the evening, Qiao Mei and Su Bei arrived at the hotel they agreed on and waited for President Du from the skincare brand to come over.

Qiao Mei said to Su Bei in a low voice, “This skincare brand is from the United States.

President Du is a regional representative from the country and is in charge of the brands operations here.

Therefore, President Du has always been in charge of choosing the spokesperson.

Although this brand is only a mid-tier brand, its especially good at marketing, so this endorsement can be very beneficial to the promotion of artists.

Thats why I helped you get it.”

“However, everything depends on how the discussion with President Du goes.

Although I would like to sign this endorsement deal, you dont have to do anything you dont want.

If you think something is inappropriate, well just reject it,” Qiao Mei said.

As soon as she finished speaking, President Du appeared.

The middle-aged man was in his early 50s and had already put on some weight.

However, he was in a high position, so his decent clothes hid his figure well and concealed his true age.

When he saw Su Bei, President Dus eyes lit up with greed.

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Originally, the person he had decided on was Jia Shiyun.

He had taken a fancy to Jia Shiyun because she had Mr.

Lu backing her up, so he wanted to rely on this to gain connections with Lu Group.

However, Jia Shiyun was actually a liar.

President Du naturally couldnt use her anymore, so he decided to consider Su Bei.

President Du had seen countless people.

But female celebrities like Su Bei who looked hundreds of times better than on camera were not very common.

“Miss Su!” President Du came forward to shake hands with Su Bei.

The secretaries, assistants, and bodyguards behind him also came forward.

After Su Bei and Qiao Mei greeted him, they politely sat down with him.

President Du took a fancy to Su Bei almost immediately.

He sat down and chatted casually for a while before saying with a smile, “Miss Su, youre quite talented.

Our foundation for cooperation is very solid.”

Qiao Mei had always been gentle on the inside and serious on the outside.

She smiled and said, “Thank you so much, President Du.

Why dont we talk about the details of the contract This is the contract I brought.”

“Sigh, we can talk about the contract later.

Lets have a meal and drink some wine first.” President Dus meaning was obvious.

He was the largest representative of the brand in the country, and he had been in the industry for more than ten years.

The previous years were naturally spent choosing suitable female celebrities to endorse the brand.

However, as time passed and the power in his hands expanded, his nature as a man became more and more exposed.

The other party needed to catch his eye before he would mention signing the contract.

For example, he favored Jia Shiyun previously because he thought she had an incredible backer.

At this moment, Su Bei was the center of attention.

After the incident with Jia Shiyun, President Du had already let go of his desire to build a good relationship with Lu Group.

The Lu family was a wealthy family that was too unattainable.

Since he had no connections, so be it.

However, he couldnt give up on someone like Su Bei.

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