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Gu Xifeng reached out to hug Gun Gun.

Gun Gun did not reject him at all and obediently let the man carry him.

This surprised Gu Xifeng.

He was completely different from Da Bao.

He looked down at Da Bao and understood the difference between the two children.

One was like the father, while the other was like the mother.

No wonder Gun Gun had hit it off with him at first sight.

After seeing Su Bei and Gun Gun, Gu Xifeng felt relieved and told Su Bei, “Feng Zes current situation isnt very good.”

“Is he in the hospital now, then”


He doesnt want to stay in the hospital.

Besides, there are very few doctors who can deal with his condition.” Gu Xifeng sighed softly.

Su Bei thought of Feng Zes situation and felt a little sad.

“But fortunately, he didnt do anything outrageous.

Dont worry, Ill keep an eye on him.”

With Gu Xifeng around, Su Bei was relieved.

After finishing the previous projects, Su Bei started another round of auditions.

Because of the success of Boxer, Su Bei had many offers at the moment.

However, most of the movies were similar to Boxer.

The female leads had the spirit to fight and dared to make a living on their own.

Su Bei didnt want to cement a particular image, so she said no to all those scripts.

For her, breaking through limits was all that mattered.

Qiao Mei patiently handed her another script.

“Take your time with it.

I wont rush you.”

“Yes, Ill give it a good read when I get back.

Sister Qiao Mei, if theres a better script, you must help me get it.”

“I know.” Qiao Meis expression was serious, but in fact, she thought very highly of Su Bei.

She also hoped that the artist under here would not be a fast-extinguishing product on the market.

She hoped Su Bei was someone who could withstand the test of time.

“By the way, Su Bei, youve been invited for several endorsements recently.

Ive rejected some of the more tasteless ones.

The rest are still feasible.

Ill arrange for you to have a meal with the president of a skincare company tonight.

We can take on this brand,” Qiao Mei said.

Su Bei nodded.


In fact, for Su Bei, advertising endorsements were optional.

However, she didnt have much to do at the moment, and skincare products were commonly used by women.

As long as the quality was passable, she felt that she might as well accept the job.

Su Beis skincare endorsement deal was what Jia Jia had been trying her best to get.

It was a foreign brand.

It was not particularly high-end, but it was a very famous brand in S Country.

It was a brand that many rising female artists liked because such endorsements would definitely be promoted by the brand, directly increasing the exposure of female artists.

Moreover, such brands generally did not pose any risks.

It was a sure win.

The reason why Jia Jia could become a candidate for this brand was mainly that Jia Shiyun was in a decline now.

Di Xing no longer allocated resources to her.

Besides, Jia Jias Basketball Baby was still popular.

Tian Jinnuo was also her manager.

She said to her, “Jiajia, you must seize the opportunity this time.

Take advantage of this wave of popularity and go to the next level.

Try to accept another movie of acceptable quality to stabilize your status.”

“I know.

But Sister Shiyun…” Jia Jia really didnt expect Jia Shiyun to be a liar.

She even dared to use Mr.

Lus name.

Now that she had failed, she was the laughing stock of the entire Di Xing.

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