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He did not expect things to turn out this way!

Was it too late to go back and beg Su Bei for forgiveness now

Su Bei didnt have time to watch the news at all.

After returning home, Lu Heting brought her back to her room and punished her on the spot, not giving her any time to play with her phone.

When she woke up in the morning, the sky was already bright.

Lu Heting had already left.

He only left her a WeChat message to tell her to eat well.

During breakfast, Su Bei clicked on her phone and saw the news about Jia Shiyun and Wang Juntang.

She was so shocked that she dropped the spoonful of porridge on the table and hurriedly called Lu Heting.

“Honey, do you know anything about Jia Shiyun”

Lu Heting smiled helplessly.

However, it was his wife.

What could he do He could only dote on her.

His voice was slightly husky.

“Baby, I think I already proved to you last night that I only belong to you”

Su Bei blushed.

What was he thinking so early in the morning

She was clearly talking about something serious!

“Im talking about Wang Juntang.

Jia Shiyun is Wang Juntangs fiancée! Theyve been together for four years.

Last night, the reporters caught them together.”

Su Bei recalled the various things that Jia Shiyun had done previously.

She really didnt expect that she actually got into Di Xing Media Company through Wang Juntang.

“Thats why whenever Wang Juntang had any requests, Id get someone to help settle it.” Lu Heting didnt pay much attention to the name Jia Shiyun, but Su Bei wanted to thank Wang Juntang.

“Forget it.

If anything happens, Ill look for you again.


Wang hasnt reached out yet.”

“Yes, remember to have breakfast.”

Su Bei put down the phone and went to Weibo again.

Only then did she realize that Jia Shiyuns reputation was completely ruined.

It was mainly because she had hyped herself up too much in the past.

Now that it was suddenly revealed that she had a fiancé, coupled with the fact that everyone in the industry thought that she really had something going on with Mr.

Lu, all these people wanted to step on her.

Her reputation had completely collapsed.

In this circle, it was not about how much dirt a person had on them.

It was about how much gossip a person could stand before drowning.

It was also about how different a persons true personality and public persona were.

From now on, Jia Shiyun had no hope of making a comeback.

Di Xing Media Company had invested in Su Beis previous movie, Two Phoenixes.

Now that Su Bei was popular and the post-production of Two Phoenixes was almost done, Di Xing Media Company wanted to take this opportunity to release it.

Li Qisheng received the information and called Lu Heting for approval.

Lu Heting pondered for a moment and said, “Lets postpone it for a month.”

“But if we release it now, we can maximize the benefits and use Boxer to drive it.” Li Qisheng conveyed his professionals opinion.

“I know.

But that will consume too much of Su Beis popularity.

Push it back.”

Li Qisheng immediately understood that how much money Lu Heting earned was not as important as Su Bei.

Besides, Lu Heting probably didnt care how much Di Xing Media Company could earn.

Just like before, he couldnt even be bothered with Di Xing Media Company.

If it werent for Su Bei, this company would only be one of the small companies under his name.

He wouldnt care about it or treat it specially.

Li Qisheng obediently postponed the release date of Two Phoenixes by a month.

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