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Jia Shiyun was about to go crazy.

She laughed wildly and finally understood what Wang Juntang was saying.

It turned out that everything she had was given to her by Wang Juntang.


Lu didnt know her at all.

Everything she had depended on her fiancés medical skills.

It turned out that everything she thought she had was just a joke.

“Why didnt you tell me this before Did I ask you to give me these Who told you to change my life What gave you the right” Jia Shiyun shouted wildly.

However, she forgot that she had failed to get into the film academy many times.

She never even had a successful audition before this.

It was Wang Juntang who gave her the chance to enter Di Xing.

It was also Di Xing who found a very good teacher to train her in everything, allowing her to truly gain a foothold.

All of this was given to her by this fiancé she looked down on.

Li Qisheng was also a little flustered when something happened to Jia Shiyun.

He quickly called Lu Weijian.

Lu Weijian said, “Just wait.

Ill ask.”

Li Qisheng waited patiently.

He thought that Lu Weijian was going to ask for Lu Hetings opinion.

In fact, Lu Weijian went to ask Wang Juntang about the situation.

He had been making arrangements for Wang Juntang.

This time, Jia Shiyun and Wang Juntang were photographed together.

Lu Weijian naturally wanted to know if Wang Juntang planned to make it public and how to deal with it.

Wang Juntang and Jia Shiyun had completely fallen out.

Jia Shiyun chased him away without any regard for their relationship and even blamed him.

When he received Lu Weijians call, Wang Juntang said in disappointment, “Mr.

Weijian, theres no need to arrange for anything else.

Thats it.

She said that she doesnt need me anymore.”

Lu Weijian asked, “Whats wrong”

“She blames me for being photographed by the reporters and for arranging her life for her.” Wang Juntang didnt know what she wanted anymore.

Lu Weijian didnt know how to comfort him.

Anyway, in the past few years, he knew about everything Wang Juntang had done for Jia Shiyun.

In order to protect Jia Shiyuns pride, Lu Weijian didnt even tell Li Qisheng that Jia Shiyun was someone Wang Juntang had asked him to help.

After hanging up, Lu Weijian called Li Qisheng.


Weijian, hows the situation” Li Qisheng had already prepared 108 ideas for Jia Shiyun to clear up the situation.

“Dont worry about Jia Shiyun anymore.”

“Huh Why” Li Qisheng was indeed very surprised.

“Why should we care when her boyfriend doesnt”

Li Qisheng asked, “Boyfriend The one who was photographed today is really Jia Shiyuns boyfriend”

He was shocked.

His eyeballs were about to fall out.


Her boyfriends my friend, so Ive been asking you to take care of her.

But theyve fallen out now and broken up, so it doesnt matter anymore.

You guys can do whatever you want.”

After Li Qisheng ended the call, he was still shocked.

It took a while to digest what was going on.

In other words, she had nothing to do with Mr.


Oh my, what had he been doing all this time All the resources were given to Jia Shiyun.

Even Su Bei had never enjoyed such treatment.

He had always thought that Jia Shiyun was Mr.

Lus lover… It was also hinted at by Jia Shiyun.

Thinking of this, Li Qisheng wanted to slap himself.

Lu Heting had personally introduced Su Bei to him and handed her to him to take care of.

However, he didnt even care that much about her compared to Jia Shiyun.

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