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That was definitely not how Mr.

Lu would react.

Jia Shiyuns date with him and her entering the honeymoon suite had been photographed by reporters.

If Jia Shiyun had really met up with Mr.

Lu, the reporters would definitely have published the content selectively.

However, they had already received confirmation from Mr.

Lu that he did not know Jia Shiyun.

Secondly, it was true that Jia Shiyun had a private tryst with another man.

Therefore, the reporters did not have any qualms and directly posted the content.

For a moment, the image of the pure and innocent Jia Shiyun became a joke.

Why would a virgin meet a man in private at night

What kind of pure woman would sleep with a man so carelessly

All of this did not match her persona.

The fourth trending topic was simply a slap in Jia Shiyuns face now.

Su Beis fans had long been dissatisfied with Jia Shiyuns fans.

Previously, they mocked Su Bei and said that Su Beis awards were attained through unscrupulous means.

Now that Su Beis fans were occupying a good position, they couldnt help but mock them.

[How pure of her.

Getting a room in a hotel is really a good habit.]

[What a beautiful innocent lady.

While doing such a thing, she mocked others for being embroiled in scandals.]

[Tonights Best Actress Award shouldve really been given to Jia Shiyun.

How can our Su Bei compare to her With her acting skills, she can only act in movies.

Shes not like her who can act so well even in real life.]

Jia Shiyun and Tian Jinnuo had originally planned to use tonights incident to hype up Jia Shiyuns popularity.

They also used Mr.

Lus identity and Jia Shiyuns development in the industry to set up a foundation.

Who knew that Jia Shiyun would end up becoming the target of ridicule

The news had even spread in the industry.

The reporters had personally heard Lu Heting say that he didnt know Jia Shiyun.

Jia Shiyun was really furious.

She scolded Wang Juntang fiercely.

When she saw the news, she was disheartened.

She really did not expect Lu Heting to say that he did not know her at all.

She slapped Wang Juntang and said, “Its all your fault! You ruined everything for me!”

“Im sorry.” Wang Juntang apologized sincerely.

He didnt expect things to turn out like this.

“If it werent for you, I wouldve become famous long ago.

If it werent for you, Mr.

Lu wouldve been more willing to support me! Its all because of you.

Ive already said that I wanted to break up with you.

Why are you always pestering me” Jia Shiyun was furious and shouted incoherently.

Wang Juntang was stunned.

“Shiyun, Im sorry.

Its indeed my fault today.

But I never thought that reporters would be able to come to the top floor, nor did I think that announcing our matter would cause problems for your career.

I can help you beg Mr.

Lu to give you another chance…”

“You want to beg Mr.

Lu Who do you think you are” Jia Shiyun was indifferent to his words.

“Hell help me.

Previously, he promised me that hed let you come to Di Xing and have the company support you…”

Stunned, Jia Shiyun stared at him in disbelief.

“I beg your pardon”


Lu is very willing to help me.

I treated a family member of his, so hes been helping you in the entertainment industry,” Wang Juntang said in a low voice.

“Im sorry I didnt tell you about this before.

But if you need his help, I can…”

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