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However, soon, a reporter released the content of their interview with Mr.


Although there were no videos or photos, the reporters had personally heard Mr.

Lu say,This is a fair and just award.


Lus authority in the entire circle was self-evident, especially since Di Xing Media Company was also under him.

Even Mr.

Lu had said so, and he did not side with any artist under him.

Hence, what more could be said about the opinions of others

Jia Shiyuns fans were quickly mocked online.

[Can your opinions be better than Mr.


[Thats right.

So many judges came to the decision on who to give the award to, but youre so carelessly voicing your objections Even Mr.

Lu has acknowledged the results, so why are you making irresponsible remarks]

Jia Shiyuns fans quickly became as quiet as chickens.

After all, who would be stupid enough to criticize Mr.


Hence, they changed their tone and changed their words to praise Jia Shiyun instead.

[No matter what, Shiyun is the purest existence in this circle.

It doesnt matter if she didnt win an award.

We can see her efforts.

As a pure person in the entertainment industry, she has never had any scandals.

She has always been clean and honest.

Our Shiyun is the best!]

[Thats right.

So what if someone won an award Its all because of her scandals and a bunch of other bad things.

In the past, she was always involved in such things as well.

If the trophy is given to such a person, it would be an insult to the award.]

[Its just a trophy.

Our Shiyun doesnt care! Shiyun, even if you dont win an award, well always support you! Youre the purest! Youre the most innocent beauty in the entertainment industry! Ill always be proud of you.]

Some of these comments were posted by fans themselves, while some were marketing accounts hired by Tian Jinnuo.

Jia Shiyun didnt win an award this time, but they couldnt give up on the chance to gain popularity.

They had to make the best use of the situation.

They wanted to make others trample on Su Bei as much as they could.

When these comments were posted, no mercy was shown.

Come to think of it, Jia Shiyun indeed did not have any scandals since she debuted.

Her reputation was clean, and everyone naturally had a good impression of her.

She walked the path of innocence.

Even the characters she played in movies were all kind and young.

Now, Tian Jinnuo was deliberately creating this persona for Jia Shiyun.

She planned to continue this for a few more years.

Even though Jia Shiyun didnt win an award, Tian Jinnuo wanted to distinguish Jia Shiyun from Su Beis scandalous image and snatch resources from her.

Therefore, #PureJiaShiyun quickly ranked fourth on the trending searches.

However, just as the hot search for the fourth place entered everyones sight and everyone was talking about there being such an innocent and pure woman in the entertainment industry, the news that reporters had taken photos of Jia Shiyun meeting a man on the top floor of a hotel was leaked.

At first, Tian Jinnuo thought that the man inside the hotel room was Mr.

Lu, so she didnt think of doing public relations at all.

With Mr.

Lu involved in the matter, why would she bother doing public relations

Besides, this was exactly what she wanted for Jia Shiyun.

This news would help her rise in popularity.

Unfortunately, the man in the photos and videos was not Mr.


Even though most people did not know what Mr.

Lu looked like, Wang Juntangs aura was completely different.

When he appeared in the videos, he was obviously confused and flustered.

He had no experience in dealing with anything.

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