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Lu Heting rubbed his eyebrows.

“Thats the first time I heard this name.

Do you believe me”

“Do you think I believe you” she asked, looking up at him.

Lu Heting stole a kiss on her red lips and smiled.

Of course, Su Bei didnt believe in the nonsense spreading outside.

She believed in her man.

Besides, Lu Heting was always busy working.

He had no time to catch feelings for other women.

Speaking of which, Su Bei thought of Jia Shiyun.

She felt that that woman was ambitious but not capable enough.

She couldnt help but find her to be a little greedy.

If Lu Heting had really taken a fancy to such a woman, he should see an ophthalmologist.

After being kissed by Lu Heting, she quickly sat up straight.

The driver and Lu Weijian were sitting in front.

Did he have to be so unscrupulous

Lu Weijian asked, “Brother, Sister-in-law won two awards tonight.

Where should we go to celebrate”

“Were not going anywhere.

Ill celebrate it with her alone.” Lu Heting hadnt seen enough of her in her red dress, so he naturally had to go home to enjoy it.

Lu Weijian thought,Alright, I was just asking to be humiliated.

That night, Su Bei occupied the top three trending searches on Weibo.


The popularity and high box office sales of Boxer allowed Su Bei to win the two awards without much doubt.

Those who had seen the movie knew how stunning she was in it.

After seeing the photos of the red carpet, everyone was even more stunned by Su Bei.

This time, what made them stunned was her overall performance.

In the movie, she was unpretentious and reserved.

There was something especially introverted about her, which was a stark contrast to her super-bright red ensemble for tonights red carpet.

The fans showered her with praise.

[Shes such a versatile fairy! I love her.]

[Su Bei deserves the awards!]

[When will Su Beis next movie be released My wallet is ready!]

The fans of the other three Best Actress candidates also congratulated Su Bei.

They knew that the other three candidates had good acting skills as well.

However, in terms of movie popularity, the works of the three actresses were indeed inferior.

Venus Film Awards was an award show that judged based on ones acting skills and popularity.

Therefore, these fans acknowledged their loss wholeheartedly.

Jia Shiyuns fans were the only ones who couldnt take it.

Previously, they were overwhelmed with Jia Shiyun and her manager posting all kinds of news and so on.

They felt that this time, Jia Shiyun would definitely win an award.

The message from Jia Shiyuns team only strengthened their beliefs.

Therefore, the fans were especially disappointed that Jia Shiyun did not win any awards this time.

Su Bei won these awards as a newcomer, which made it even more difficult for the fans to accept.

They started to mock Su Beis acting skills, saying that she was ugly in the movie and that she had failed.

Some extreme fans even left comments on Su Beis Weibo account.

[The awards must have been bought! I dont want to say this, but how could Su Bei have won those awards]

[I think so too.

This award show is not fair at all.

Theres no justice! Su Bei must have done a lot of things in secret.

Otherwise, why wasnt Shiyun able to defeat a newcomer]

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