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He knew that he was indeed too single-minded and spent too little time with his fiancée.

Therefore, he had to make up for everything today.

From now on, he would never let his fiancée suffer again.

Jia Shiyun stood in the doorway, reapplying her lipstick and adjusting her appearance before ringing the doorbell.

Wang Juntang opened the door eagerly.

When he saw Jia Shiyun, he smiled.


At that moment, the reporters hurried to catch up, hoping to capture the scene.

Jia Shiyun was ready to do the same.

She turned her face slightly so that she would be photographed at her best angle.

However, she did not expect that the person who opened the door would be Wang Juntang!

Shock, disappointment, and disgust flooded through her as his face came into view.

However, the reporters had already arrived and even took photos of Wang Juntang.

Because Wang Juntang was not in the industry, he had no experience in avoiding reporters.

He was caught off guard.

When he saw the reporters, he was even stunned.

He did not expect Jia Shiyun to bring reporters up.

Then, suddenly delighted, he said, “You want to make our relationship public, Shiyun”

Previously, Jia Shiyun had said that she didnt want the engagement to affect her development in the entertainment industry, so she didnt want to announce it to the public at all.

Therefore, Wang Juntang had always been the person behind her.

He didnt even tell Jia Shiyun about his relationship with Lu Heting because he didnt want to hurt Jia Shiyuns pride.

During this moment of hesitation, the reporters had already surrounded them.

They quickly took photos of the roses and romantic decor in the room.

They could see them from the corner of the door!

If it were Lu Heting, they might not dare to take photos so boldly.

However, this was Wang Juntang.

They had nothing to fear.

They frantically pressed the shutter and asked all kinds of questions.

“Miss Jia, are you planning to announce your relationship”

“Miss Jia, how long have you been in love”

“Miss Jia, you didnt win the Best Actress Award tonight.

Are you planning to shift the focus of your life to your family in the future”

“Miss Jia, are you engaged How long have you been engaged”

Dizzy, Jia Shiyun pushed the reporters away and rushed into the room.

She slammed the door behind her.

Wang Juntang apologized helplessly, “Im sorry, Shiyun.

I couldnt get through to your phone, and you didnt answer my messages.

I had no choice but to ask the attendant to invite you over…”

Jia Shiyun refused to listen.

All her beautiful dreams were shattered.

She originally thought that she could rise again, but it was all Wang Juntangs arrangement.

She put her head in her hands and slumped down.

In the car, Su Bei and Lu Heting thought of Wang Juntang and couldnt help but smile.

“I wonder if Doctor Wangs affair went smoothly.

Doctor Wang is quite infatuated.

He said that hes been engaged to his fiancée for several years and has plans to get married.

But for the sake of his fiancées reputation, he refuses to even tell us his fiancées name.

Hes protecting her quite well.”

“You seem to have been talking about him all night” Lu Heting raised his eyebrows, feeling a little jealous.

Su Bei stuck out her tongue.

“Okay, then lets get back to you.

Why did the reporters ask if you were dating Jia Shiyun Whats going on”

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