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Originally, Lu Heting would only answer questions related to Su Bei.

This was the second time the reporter had mentioned Jia Shiyuns name today.

He frowned and said, “Of course not.

I dont know Jia Shiyun.

Please dont spread the news by mistake.”

With that, he became extremely impatient with the reporters in front of him.

Lu Weijian hurriedly said, “Everyone, make way.

Were leaving.”

The reporters didnt dare to block Lu Hetings way.

They immediately stepped aside and watched as the three of them entered the elevator and went downstairs.

Only then did everyone remember in surprise that they had yet to take a photo of Mr.


But it was clearly too late to follow him now.

Among the reporters downstairs who didnt have the time to come up, many of them received news that Lu Weijian and the people around him had already left.

Everyone was very regretful that they did not get to take a photo of Mr.


However, on second thought, the group of reporters upstairs had already spoken to Mr.

Lu personally.

This was already the peak of their careers.

Why did they still need photos!

Moreover, everyone recalled that Mr.

Lu even responded to the scandal with a female celebrity.

This content was enough for them to produce a few news articles.

Moreover, Mr.

Lu had personally said that he didnt know Jia Shiyun.

This news could even be combined with tonights grand award.

The reporters were about to leave when they saw Jia Shiyun appear nearby.

Everyone suddenly became excited again.

“Isnt that Jia Shiyun”

“Yeah, theres no mistake.

Shes wearing exactly what she was wearing on the red carpet tonight.”

“Didnt Mr.

Lu say that he didnt know her Why is she here, then”

Everyone was puzzled.

“Isnt the top floor reserved for Mr.

Lu and Mr.


“In that case…” Everyone suddenly understood.

Could Jia Shiyun really be Mr.

Weijian or Mr.

Lus girlfriend

However, hadnt Mr.

Lu and Mr.

Weijian already left

If they didnt have that kind of relationship, it wouldnt explain why Jia Shiyun came to the top floor!

The reporters were instantly excited.

No matter what, it was impossible for them to miss out on such big news.

All of them followed solemnly.

When Jia Shiyun came to the top floor, she didnt even change her clothes so that the reporters could capture her.

She still wore the same outfit as she did earlier.

However, she had enhanced her makeup, looking even more exquisite and charming.

The reporters did not follow openly, afraid of disturbing Jia Shiyun and missing the big news.

Jia Shiyun gently tucked her hair behind her ear.

She was trembling with excitement as she walked to the door of the room the attendant had pointed out to her.

This was the first time she was on the top floor of this hotel.

In the past, the top floor was not open to the public.

Even if some people wanted to buy their way in, they could not find their way here.

Today, the attendant personally escorted her to the top floor before leaving.

She couldnt suppress the wild emotions she felt.

She knew that from now on, her fate would change drastically.

She even felt light-headed.

She didnt even mind the reporters around her.

In the room, Wang Juntang was also waiting for Jia Shiyun.

He was very excited.

Lu Heting and Su Bei had helped him a lot to prepare this room, so he made sure the decorations were very romantic.

It was an ideal romantic spot.

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