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Therefore, the reporters rushed to the hotel and went straight to the top floor to capture first-hand news.

Of course, these reporters were already prepared.

If Mr.

Lu was angry, they could just delete the photos and news.

After all, the law could not punish them for this.

However, if they missed such good news, they would probably miss their chance to be promoted, get a raise, and reach the peak of their lives.

They could not miss such an opportunity.

Therefore, these reporters swarmed up to the top floor.

They were stunned when they reached the top floor.

This was because the person who was walking toward them was Lu Weijian.

There were two other people standing beside him.

One of them was a young and handsome man, while the other was tall and straight.

He glanced at everyone… His aura alone stunned the reporters!

The reporters with the cameras fell silent.

They jostled each other but made no sound.

No one dared to continue taking photos.

“What are you doing here” Lu Weijian frowned unhappily and asked.

This was the top floor.

Usually, the security measures were very strict.

Lu Heting always had many bodyguards around him.

Not everyone could come up to the top floor.

However, Lu Heting and Su Bei knew the reason for this.

It was because Wang Juntang was going to meet his girlfriend here today, so Lu Heting let Wang Juntang use the room on this floor.

All the bodyguards were removed as well.

It was all thanks to Wang Juntang that the reporters could come up here.

Otherwise, no matter how capable they were, it was impossible for them to come up here.

After being questioned by Lu Weijian, the reporters calmed down.

They were afraid that the air would be quiet and suffocating.

As long as someone broke this silence, everything would be fine.

A reporter immediately said, “Mr.

Weijian and… Mr.

Lu, can you accept an interview with us I wonder what you think of todays award show I heard that Miss Jia Shiyun is also up here.

Is the news true”

They werent sure if the person beside Lu Weijian was Mr.

Lu, but someone who could appear on the top floor and be with Lu Weijian was probably Mr.


A reporter boldly asked these questions.

The other reporters listened quietly and extended their microphones in front of Lu Weijian and Lu Heting.

Su Bei was dressed in mens clothes and was slightly behind.

Her presence was very weak, so the reporters thought that she was just a bodyguard and didnt care about her.

Lu Heting frowned and said, “Todays award was very fair and just.”

He didnt intend to speak, but Su Bei was the one who received the most attention in todays award show.

Naturally, he had to express his stance and protect his woman.

As soon as he spoke, he naturally admitted that he was Mr.

Lu, the head of Lu Group.

The reporters were all excited.

They really didnt expect Mr.

Lu to speak today.

It really wasnt a wasted trip to come up here.

Indeed, wealth came from danger.

They got another piece of explosive news today.

Hearing Mr.

Lus reply, the reporter naturally wanted to know more.

“Then is it true that you invited Miss Jia Shiyun to meet you on the top floor Are you two in love Do you have anything to respond to”

These reporters had vaguely heard that Jia Shiyun had a backer, but they werent sure.

After receiving the news today, they excitedly wanted to verify it.

Since Mr.

Lu was so easy to talk to, they naturally wouldnt let him off.

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