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It was just a trophy.

Compared to Mr.

Lu, it was nothing.

Jia Shiyun was very good at judging the situation, so she gradually calmed down.

After the award ceremony, Su Bei became the biggest winner of the night.

The entire crew of Boxer had also received supreme glory.

With Su Bei winning two awards, they had once again consolidated their reputation.

On the other hand, Jia Shiyun, who had been promoting herself very well previously, gained nothing.

The reporters at the scene surrounded Su Bei.

Everyone had a lot of questions for her.

However, Qiao Mei stopped them all.

“Everyone, we agreed to be interviewed for half an hour.

Now that half an hour is up, please give Su Bei some personal time.”

Naturally, Su Bei wanted to go home with Lu Heting.

Even though she had become an actress, she didnt want to be consumed by popularity.

An actress should maintain a suitable degree of mystery.

Besides, she didnt want Lu Heting to wait any longer.

After her interview with the reporters backstage, she knew that she would be surrounded and blocked once she went out.

Hence, she went to the bathroom to change her clothes.

Soon, Su Bei, who was dressed in red, disappeared.

Everyone only saw a thin young man walking out from backstage.

He quickly disappeared in front of everyone.

Then the young man entered the hotel and disappeared.

A moment later, the young man appeared in front of Lu Heting, making the man smile again.

“Lets go home.” Lu Heting took her hand.

“Have you forgotten that Im playing the role of your bodyguard now” Su Bei grinned.

“If anyone sees you holding a mans hand, Im afraid itll make the headlines.”

Lu Heting rubbed the back of her hand with his thumb for a while before letting go reluctantly.

Just as she was about to leave, Lu Weijian ran over with a happy expression.

“Sister Bei Bei, congratulations.

Im not late, am I Am I the first to congratulate you”

“Youre the 108th!” Su Bei said with a smile.

“Thank you.”

“My Sister Bei Bei is amazing! As expected of the biological mother of my two nephews!” Lu Weijian exclaimed along the way.

The atmosphere at the venue tonight made him very excited.

Seeing his family member win two awards, he felt even more honored than Lu Heting as if he was the one who won the awards.

The reporters at the award venue received another piece of news.

It was that Mr.

Lu and a certain female celebrity with the surname J had met up.

According to reliable sources, it was Jia Shiyun.

She was having a private meeting on the top floor of the hotel.

Tian Jinnuo had released the news according to Jia Shiyuns arrangements.

Naturally, she wouldnt let them really record her and Mr.


However, just a small piece of evidence would be enough to make Jia Shiyuns status rise a hundred times higher.

Especially since Jia Shiyun did not receive the expected award tonight, she had to rely on other things to increase her popularity.

She had to confirm the matter with Mr.

Lu and strengthen her precarious position.

This was because after the award was announced, Qiao Mei, who originally wanted to consider her for two good endorsements, had already started to approach Su Bei.

This circle was more realistic than any other.

When the reporters heard that it was news about Mr.

Lu, they wanted to retreat.

However, when they heard that it was also related to a certain actress with the surname J, Jia Shiyun, they were really unwilling to give up such a great opportunity.

After all, Jia Shiyun was a public figure and was a popular person in todays award show.

It was inevitable that reporters would follow her and take photos of public figures.

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