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He Xuyan said coldly, “You have no pursuit.”

It dawned on her that he wasnt happy and thought she was looking down on his movie.

She just laughed and didnt explain further.

Old Master Yan had already read out a name on the stage, “Su Bei!”

Jia Shiyun had already loosened her grip and was about to go on stage, but she didnt expect to hear Su Beis name!

She never expected it to be Su Bei!

In terms of popularity, she had always been far ahead.

Su Bei was also stunned.

She didnt expect it to be her.

It was He Xuyan who reminded her, “Arent you going”

Only then did she lift her dress and stand up, looking confused.

When the camera caught her, everyone laughed kindly.

In fact, everyone in the industry could see that Su Beis performance in the movie Boxer was superbly natural.

No one could have made that character look so classic.

Su Bei was still too humble about her abilities.

On the stage, Yan Shuxin smiled happily.

“Im glad that a newcomer is able to endure suffering.

For the sake of her acting career, shes willing to take things to extremes.

Congratulations, Su Bei.

You did it.”

It was because of the things Su Bei had shown in the movie and all the efforts that she put into the role that she was given the award.

Su Bei stood on the stage.

Her red dress was a stark contrast to her restrained self in the movie.

She was indeed very surprised.

When she took the trophy from Old Master Yan, she was still in disbelief.

She smiled gently.

“Its heavy.

So Im not dreaming.”

She finally spoke, “Thank you for giving me this trophy at Venus Film Awards.

Im still a newcomer and have a long way to go.

I hope this award is just the beginning of my career.

From now on, Ill work harder to pave the way for myself.”

The applause was thunderous, and Su Beis eyes sparkled.

She looked in the direction of where Lu Heting was.

She knew he could see her.

She smiled.

To the others, she was facing the camera and greeting her fans.

Jia Shiyuns face was almost too dark.

She forced herself not to lose her composure in front of everyone.

Tian Jinnuo had been comforting her in a low voice, saying, “Its okay, Shiyun.

Its just a mid-year award.

This isnt the most prestigious award show.”

However, this did not convince Jia Shiyun.

Although Venus Film Awards werent the best award show in S Country, it represented the recognition of countless people.

It was also a very fair award.

The trophies here were what many people spent their lives chasing.

It was fine if she didnt get it, but Su Bei did… What right did Su Bei have

Tian Jinnuo said in a low voice, “Maybe Mr.

Lu just doesnt want you to be too high profile.

Think about it.

Youll still be meeting him in the hotel room later.”

Only when she thought of the honeymoon suite on the top floor of the hotel could Jia Shiyun calm down a little.

Yes, Mr.

Lu was still waiting for her.

If she was too high-profile and won the award, she wouldnt be able to escape from so many reporters later.

It wouldnt be convenient for her to meet Mr.


All of this must have been arranged by Mr.


She just had to accept it.

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