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Lin Wenyu blinked at He Xuyan.

“Cousin, can I go on your set”

“Sure…” He Xuyan said evenly, “Youll stay backstage to carry boxes.”

Lin Wenyus face fell, and she pouted as she ignored him.

Fortunately, she didnt really want to act in a movie.

She had just asked casually.

She stopped talking now.

Soon, the Best Actress Award would be presented.

The competition for the best actress award was very fierce.

Among the current candidates, besides Su Bei and Jia Shiyun, there were three other actresses with outstanding acting skills.

They were all very experienced in the entertainment industry.

The person with the greatest chance of winning was Jia Shiyun.

This was because the movie she starred in last year was the highlight of Di Xing Media Company.

At that time, Di Xing Media Company invested 300 million yuan in it.

The box office sales were very high too.

The entire production team and director were very impressive, which allowed Jia Shiyun to display her best acting skills.

Comparatively, the other three actresses works were less popular.

There was a paradox in the movie market.

Quality movies with ideological connotations were often not recognized by the public.

Many movies that were recognized by the public were relatively lacking in-depth and not recognized by awards or professionals.

This was an important reason why the works of the three actresses were relatively unpopular.

For example, Jia Shiyuns and Su Beis movies could not only guarantee the reputation of the movies and gain the recognition of experts but they also yielded good box office results.

This was very rare.

This time, Jia Shiyun had secretly used a lot of effort to win this award.

For example, she had hyped herself up on the internet and cast various votes to show off her popularity.

In private, she tried to influence some insiders.

These people wouldnt be bribed, but that didnt mean they wouldnt be influenced.

They would also prefer hard-working celebrities, especially those from the older generation.

They particularly valued the wordhard-working.

Jia Shiyun had done a lot of work to please them.

They were relatively fair, but who could say that they had no preferences

With preferences, things were much easier.

This was what Jia Shiyun had done this time.

Indeed, this led to a long discussion before the winner was selected.

Now, it was time to announce the award on stage.

The host kept them in suspense.

“So, who will win the Best Female Actress Award Lets wait and see.

For now, well welcome a long-time artist, Old Master Yan Xinshu, to present the award!”

Old Master Yan, who was in his 70s, walked onto the stage and was guided to the center by the host.

All eyes were now on the stage.

Lu Heting also stopped what he was doing.

He didnt do anything to help Su Bei in private for Venus Film Awards even though he felt that she was worthy of the award.

However, Su Bei didnt like these things, so Lu Heting didnt do anything.

The Best Female Lead Award was the most prestigious award for female artists.

It was much more important than the Best Newcomer Award.

The camera kept panning over the five candidates.

Su Bei smiled brightly, and Lu Hetings smile widened slightly.

She wasnt expecting anything.

This was her first movie that was released, so she really didnt expect anything.

Lin Wenyu pulled her arm and whispered, “Su Bei, I hope its you.”

“I dont expect anything,” Su Bei said seriously.

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