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He paid close attention to the scene.

Other times, he kept his head down as he dealt with work.

Finally, it was time for the Best Newcomer Award.

Those who qualified for this award were newcomers who acted in a movie for the first time.

There was no gender restriction.

There were a few actors and actresses who were very popular, but the movies they acted in were essentially aimed at winning awards for the literary genre.

Therefore, the plots for these movies were slightly lacking.

Their overall box office results were not high, affecting the popularity of the celebrities.

Therefore, Su Bei was the strongest contender for the Best Newcomer Award.

As expected, when the host read out the winner of the Best Newcomer Award, Lu Heting looked up.

Everyone looked at Su Bei.

Sure enough, the host uttered Su Beis name.

“Congratulations, Su Bei, for winning the Best Newcomer Award.

From the show to the film industry, from a supermodel to an actress, there are still countless possibilities for Su Bei.

Lets congratulate Su Bei.

She has shown us that she can constantly break through limits and challenge herself!”

There was no doubt that Su Bei would win this award.

But when she stood up, her palms were sweating.

This was a recognition for her previous hard work.

Standing on the stage, Su Bei couldnt see Lu Heting, but she could feel that he was looking at her.

There was warmth on her lips.

It was the kiss Lu Heting had given her before she came.

She stood on the stage.

There was no sign of him here, but there were traces of him everywhere.

“Thank you to all those who support me.

Its because of all of you that Im fearless of all the paths ahead of me,” Su Bei said seriously as she stood on the stage.

When she returned to her seat, her footsteps were still light.

Lin Wenyu was even more excited than she was.

She held the trophy for her and kept smiling.

Tian Jinnuo glanced at them and didnt take Su Beis award seriously at all.

It was just the Best Newcomer Award.

Wasnt it because no one competed with Su Bei that she got it

The real prize, the highest award for an actress, was always Best Actress.

And this award must belong to Jia Shiyun!

Next, a few other awards were presented.

Boxer won Best Director.

After receiving the award, He Xuyan said a word of thanks and didnt even blink as he left the stage.

However, everyone was especially tolerant of him.

Especially because of his good looks, many female artists below the stage looked at He Xuyan with stars in their eyes.

As an independent director, He Xuyan was not affected by capital.

He only filmed what he wanted to film.

He was beyond capital interference and had the greatest freedom.

All of this made people envious of him.

As long as an actress was able to act in his works, it was regarded as one of the best opportunities in showbiz.

Unfortunately, his selection was too strict.

So far, very few actresses had caught his eye.

This made the actresses look forward to him even more.

Just think about it.

Even an inexperienced actor like Su Bei could win an award, obtain a good reputation, and achieve good box office sales.

Wouldnt actresses like them, who already had a good foundation, improve further after his guidance

“Director He is really handsome.

If only I could work with him.”

“I dont even want to be paid.”

“I just wonder if Ill have such an honor in my lifetime.”

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