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“Su Beis acting skills are really good.

Look at her.

Shes so beautiful, but she changed her image in the movie.

Shes so beautiful but doesnt know it.

Shes really cute.”

“Oh my God, Ive already accepted Su Bei as a boxer.

I didnt expect that I could still accept Su Bei in a red dress!”

“Momma mia! Su Bei, look at me!”

“Su Bei, youre forever our sweetheart!”

Su Bei looked in the direction where the cheers were the loudest.

With a sweep of her eyes, she looked enchanting.

She sat at the front.

As she was in the same company as Jia Shiyun, her seat was very close to her.

Jia Shiyun was wearing Chanels haute couture suit tonight.

She had a lot of her photos taken by the photographers just now.

However, as soon as Su Bei sat down, everyone instinctively saw the stark contrast between the two.

Whether it was the texture of the custom-made clothes and the cutting, or Su Beis aura and bearing as a supermodel, Su Bei defeated Jia Shiyun.

Jia Shiyun raised her head high.

The news from Tian Jinnuo just now was the one keeping her confident.

No one else wanted to sit too close to Su Bei as they were afraid that the comparison would be tragic.

Even so, Jia Shiyun didnt cower and sat down confidently.

When these people saw the news tomorrow morning, they would know who was the hottest starlet here.

They thought she had been defeated by Su Bei It was still unknown who would defeat who!

Not long after Su Bei sat down, an unfamiliar woman sat down between her and Jia Shiyun.

No one else recognized her, but Su Bei did.

It was Lin Wenyu.

Lin Wenyu was also wearing a high-end gown.

She looked at Su Bei with a smile.

“Su Bei, long time no see.”

“Its been a long time.

Is your seat here” Su Bei asked with a smile.

“If not, Ill have my agent arrange it for you.”

“Its here,” Lin Wenyu said.

“My cousin arranged it for me.

Right, Cousin”

He Xuyan nodded slightly.

Only then did Su Bei know that He Xuyan was Lin Wenyus cousin.

No wonder Lin Wenyu could come to todays event.

At the awards ceremony, the seats were relatively fixed.

If one was not invited, one needed to have an acquaintance to be able to sit in the crowd.

It was all thanks to He Xuyan that Lin Wenyu could come.

“I didnt know you two had that kind of relationship.” Su Bei smiled.

“Lets not talk about that.

Anyway, when your movie was released, I saw it five times.

Im your loyal fan now.” Lin Wenyu took out a notebook as if she was performing a magic trick.

“Quick, give me your autograph.”

Su Bei couldnt help but sign it for her.

She found it funny.

He Xuyan was so cold and didnt seem to be related to Lin Wenyu at all.

If he was as cute as Lin Wenyu, he wouldnt be so scary.

With Lin Wenyu here, Su Bei felt that time passed quickly.

The long award ceremony was not boring.

The awards were presented one by one.

Lu Heting sat in the VIP area.

The reporters could not enter this area, and the cameras wouldnt be able to pan over either.

As the awards were given out, he was dealing with his official duties.

He would only look up when it had to do with Su Bei.

Currently, the things going on had nothing to do with Su Bei.

However, when Boxers nomination was announced and Su Bei was mentioned, Lu Heting immediately looked up.

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