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Everything was ready in the hotel room.

He was just waiting for Jia Shiyun to come upstairs.

After giving the room to Wang Juntang, Lu Heting brought Su Bei to another room.

There were more than two rooms on the top floor of this hotel.

Wang Juntang used one, and Lu Weijian used another as a temporary lounge.

Lu Heting could choose another room.

Lu Heting booked a hotel room for Su Bei to change her clothes and rest.

After she entered the room, she opened the gift box that contained the gown.

A bright red gown appeared in front of her.

It was exceptionally bright and dazzling.

Su Bei was born bright and flamboyant.

This dress could be said to suit her very well.

She looked as if she liked it very much.

She held the dress with a look of adoration.

“Go and try it on,” Lu Heting said in a mellow voice.

He had personally chosen it for Su Bei and had long imagined what she would look like in it.

Su Bei went to the fitting room to change.

When she came out, even though he had imagined it many times, Lu Heting was still stunned.

His eyes flashed slightly.

The red of her dress seemed to have turned into fragments that lingered in his eyes.

Su Beis skin was fair, which was especially suitable for this color.

It made her look fairer.

Her shoulders and chest were slightly fairer than the rest of her body, but it made her look charming and delicate.

“You look good,” Lu Heting whispered.

Su Beis makeup was already done, but her lipstick had been wiped off by someone in the car just now.

Now, there was no lipstick on her lips.

With her skin color and lip color, there was actually no need for lipstick.

However, the intensity of the light at the scene today would be very high, so lipstick was still necessary.

Su Bei took the lipstick.

Lu Heting took it from her and personally applied it to her lips.

Su Bei, who was standing in front of him, looked perfect.

Lu Hetings eyes flickered.

He tilted his head and kissed Su Beis lips.

“Done.” He put down the lipstick.

Su Beis face flushed even more.

In the light, she seemed to sparkle.

Most of the artists had already arrived at the venue.

Su Bei was a little late because she had given Wang Juntang a room.

When she appeared, she attracted countless gazes.

She appeared with He Xuyan.

According to how things worked at this award show, the celebrities would appear as part of the production team.

He Xuyan was late as well, so it was normal for her to be a little late.

He Xuyan was a strange talent to begin with.

It was normal for him to act irrationally.

He Xuyan was thin, and his dark eyes were darker than others.

They looked especially deep.

When he saw Su Bei, he raised his eyebrows.

That harsh look appeared on his face again as if he was back on the set.

Dressed in a pure black suit, he walked over with Su Bei.

Everyones gaze landed on them.

Many people had been influenced by the movie Boxer recently.

The Su Bei in their hearts had already become the seasoned and slightly rough Su Bei they saw on the big screen.

They had long forgotten how good she was as a supermodel on the runway.

At this moment, Su Bei appeared in a red dress.

Her entire body was so fair that not a single flaw could be found.

Only then did people snap out of their daze.

Su Bei was still Su Bei.

Her being rough in the movie did not mean that it was her original self.

The reporters and fans surrounding the red carpet were almost going crazy.

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