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Everyone looked amazed and agreed.

Jia Shiyun was dressed in a Chanel haute couture suit.

She accepted the bombardment of the reporters microphones and walked over.

When she heard everyone discussing Mr.

Lu, joy flashed across her heart.

She listened carefully to these words.

She felt herself getting closer to her goal.

At that moment, Tian Jinnuo walked over and whispered in her ear, “Shiyun, the hotel attendant just told me that a gentleman booked a high-end room on the top floor and wants to meet you there after the award ceremony.”

“Top floor” Jia couldnt hide her surprise.

Tian Jinnuo was also overjoyed.

“Thats right.

This hotel belongs to Lu Group.

The top floor has always been reserved for Mr.

Lu and Mr.


Jia Shiyuns heart raced.

She hadnt expected the surprise to come so quickly.

“Did the attendant say anything else” She wanted more clues to reassure herself and to remind herself how close she was to her goal.

Tian Jinnuo could not suppress her joy and said, “I knew that youd want to know, so I asked around.

The room booked is a honeymoon suite! The attendant said that just an hour ago, someone sent over 999 roses!”

In order to obtain this information, she even specially gave the attendant a huge sum of money.

Jia Shiyun put a hand to her chest.

“Okay, I understand.”

Tian Jinnuo whispered, “Congratulations, Shiyun.

Youve been waiting for this day.”

Jia Shiyun raised her eyebrows and smiled.

Since she had already been invited to the top floor, the grand prize today would probably be hers to take as well.

“Sister Tian, arrange for the media to be notified as soon as possible…”

“Understood.” Tian Jinnuo knew it was time to make arrangements.

Firstly, they had to announce Jia Shiyun winning an award.

Secondly, they also had to record Jia Shiyun going to the room on the top floor.

Although it was impossible to record Mr.

Lu, they needed to do it.

After knowing that Jia Shiyun was with Mr.

Lu, who in the industry would still go against Jia Shiyun in the future

In the room on the top floor of the hotel, Wang Juntang had already arranged everything.

Jia Shiyuns reason for breaking up was that he wasnt romantic enough.

He didnt accompany her enough and hadnt even given her a decent gift.

When he got home, he reflected deeply on himself.

It occurred to him that today was the Venus Film Awards, so he needed to be by Jia Shiyuns side.

Hence, he prepared a necklace and ordered 999 fresh roses.

He arrived at the hotel beforehand.

In the end, all the hotel rooms were booked.

Just as Wang Juntang was at a loss, he met Lu Heting and Su Bei.

Knowing that he needed a room to go on a date with his girlfriend, Lu Heting glanced at Su Bei and immediately gave his room to Wang Juntang.

Wang Juntang was especially grateful.

He arranged everything and told the attendant to inform Jia Shiyun.

It was because Jia Shiyun had already blocked Wang Juntangs number.

As for the details, Tian Jinnuo had asked the attendant, and he told the truth.

The suite on the top floor was indeed prepared according to a honeymoon suite.

Bright and dazzling roses had also been placed inside, forming a huge heart.

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