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“My parents said that they havent seen you in a long time.

Theyll treat you to dinner tonight.” Wang Juntang didnt notice that Jia Shiyuns expression was very ugly.

“Didnt I already tell you about us breaking up” Jia Shiyun only wanted to resolve the matter quickly.

Wang Juntangs expression changed slightly.

“But havent we always been fine So why”

“Juntang, the difference between you and me is getting bigger and bigger.

Its not the same relationship as before.

I feel terrible being with you.

Lets split up,” Jia Shiyun said with a shrug.

“Are you in love with someone else” he asked.

How could Jia Shiyun admit it

“You spend too little time with me.

In fact, you dont even have time to send me flowers for many important moments in my life.

Juntang, Im tired.” Jia Shiyun pushed everything onto Wang Juntang.

When Wang Juntang walked out, his footsteps were still a little unsteady.

He almost did not notice the change in Jia Shiyun.

In fact, he had always been preparing to get married.

He had asked Jia Shiyun what the reason was.

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Jia Shiyun definitely wouldnt tell him the real reason.

She wouldnt say that shed gotten a better opportunity.

She just blamed him for refusing to spend more time with her.

After Jia Shiyun spoke to him for a while, she used the excuse of being busy to chase him out.

Wang Juntang had always been in the medical field and was not good at socializing.

He could only leave.

When he came out, he bumped into Su Bei.

When Su Bei saw him, she immediately remembered that he had helped Gun Gun with the surgery.

She smiled and greeted him, “Dr.

Wang! Youre here to see your friend”


Youre here too” Dr.

Wang didnt pay attention to the entertainment industry and didnt know Su Beis identity as an actress.

“Yes, I work here.


Wang, you dont look very well.” Su Bei asked with concern, “Do you want to go in and find a place to sit and have a cup of coffee”

Wang Juntang shook his head.

Jia Shiyun had just told him not to go to Di Xing and cause trouble for her.

He wouldnt go back again.

If it were anyone else, Su Bei wouldnt have cared, but he was Gun Guns savior.

Su Bei immediately became more concerned.

“Did you encounter a problem If you dont mind, you can tell me about it.

Perhaps theres something I can help with.”

Wang Juntang was indeed very depressed.

There was no one else he could speak to, so he told Su Bei, “My girlfriend said that Im busy with work every day and dont accompany her enough.

She wants to break up with me and cancel the engagement.

Su Bei, youre in a relationship.

Tell me, what should I do”

“Then spend more time with her and talk with her.

See if you can get her back.

Women are like that.

Theyre delicate and sensitive.

They want more attention.”

“Really” Wang Juntangs eyes lit up.


Well, there are important holidays and times that are important to a woman.

You have to be there to make her feel that shes important to you.

If necessary, itd be good to send some flowers and gifts.”

Wang Juntang immediately nodded.

“Ill remember your words.”

In the past, he did not have much time and was too engrossed in his research to pay much attention to Jia Shiyuns needs.

Her dream had always been to be an actress and to be an artist everyone liked.

Hence, he did his best to help her in that regard.

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