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He was slightly troubled.

“The Venus Film Awards arent run by—”

“Manager Li, I know that.

If its an award show that can be bribed, theres no point in winning an award from there.

But the publicity given to me by the company cant be lacking, alright”

The awards could not be completely dependent on bribes, but they were not totally untouchable either.

Whether a celebritys popularity and persona could touch the audiences hearts still depended on the companys efforts.

The company needed to observe the market and make corresponding moves.

This required a professional team and money.

Li Qisheng understood what Jia Shiyun meant and smiled.

“Of course.

Shiyun, youre a popular artist in the company, so I naturally wont treat you badly.

Dont worry, Ill make the arrangements.”

“But Su Bei is almost catching up to me.

Manager Li, to be honest, although Su Beis box office results this time are very high, she didnt film a movie invested by Di Xing Media Company, after all.

The profits she brings to the company are also very limited.

Besides, shes a newcomer and has many opportunities ahead of her.

Theres no need for her to compete with me this year, right”

In the past, Li Qisheng did not think that Jia Shiyun was greedy.

Perhaps it was because Di Xing Media Company had given her everything she wanted.

But now, with Su Bei around, it seemed that Jia Shiyun wanted everything.

Not only did she want everything, but she couldnt let anyone else have a share.

Li Qisheng frowned slightly.

No one from the higher-ups had said anything about the award this time.

If they didnt, it meant that the higher-ups wouldnt interfere.

He could help Jia Shiyun out a little.

As for Su Beis matter, he wasnt sure if the higher-ups wanted to interfere, so he could only say, “Shiyun, youre both from the same company.

I cant say for sure who will win the grand prize.

I can only say that Ill do my best to help you fight for the award.”

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That was the assurance Jia Shiyun wanted.

With this, she was content.

“Then Ill look forward to it, Manager Li.”

Li Qisheng smiled and said, “I wish you all the best.”

When Jia Shiyun went out, Wang Juntang was waiting for her outside.

She narrowed her eyes almost imperceptibly and cursed her luck.

Previously, she had sent a WeChat message to Wang Juntang and directly proposed to cancel the engagement.

She thought that this matter had already passed, but who knew that Wang Juntang would still not give up

She didnt expect him to be so stubborn.

She fell in love with him before because he had a bright future ahead of him.

He went from being a straight-A student on campus to being the most elite and capable attending doctor in the hospital.

He was respected and paid well.

What was even rarer was that Wang Juntang did not like to spend money and did not have any bad habits.

He was also obedient to her.

His only hobby was fiddling with his medical records as well as the bottles and jars in the hospital.

However, Jia Shiyun, who had already become an A-list actress, had long felt that he could not keep up with her.

She originally thought that with his personality, he would definitely agree to break up with her if she mentioned it.

Who knew that there would be so much trouble even after that

Jia Shiyun could only walk toward him.

When Wang Juntang saw her coming, he immediately stood up and smiled.

“Shiyun, Im here to pick you up.”

“Lets talk in the conference room.” Jia Shiyun led him there.

There were few people here, so they wouldnt be seen.

Wang Juntang immediately followed her into the conference room.

They successfully avoided the people coming and going.

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