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As the saying went, comparisons were odious.

Just like that, Su Bei defeated Jia Jia.

Although Basketball Baby had always done well at the box office, just as everyone would only remember the highest peak in the world, everyone would only remember the most impressive movie in the same time period.

Although many people had watched Basketball Baby, everyone was talking about Su Beis acting skills.

Although Basketball Baby had also made Di Xing a lot of money, everyone forgot about this piece of news after reading it.

Something relaxed and happy could only please the hearts of people for a moment.

It could fill their stomachs like fast food, but it would not make them unable to forget it.

Therefore, although Di Xing Media Company had made money, not many people mentioned the name Jia Jia.

They did not talk about her or her achievement at the box office.

At this time, only He Xuyans and Su Beis names were remembered by everyone.

The affiliation with Su Beis name was no longer just supermodel but actress.

While she was in the office, Lu Heting called.

“Congratulations, Mrs.


“Congratulations too, Mr.


Youre the one who earned the most this time.” Su Bei smiled.

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Lu Heting smiled.

“May I have the honor of treating you to dinner”

S Countrys Venus Film Awards were different from other film awards that were held at the end of the year.

They were held in the middle of the year and were held once a year.

They chose works from the second half of the previous year and the first half of this year to participate.

A significant film award was being held in the middle of the year.

Venus Film Awards invited Su Bei as a guest.

With Boxer, Su Bei had become one of the popular candidates for Venus Film Awards Best Newcomer and Best Actress.

At the same time, Jia Shiyun was competing with her for the Best Actress Award.

Jia Shiyun received a good reputation for a movie she starred in the second half of last year, Happiness.

It was the work of a super big director, and the cast was very good.

She even won many awards at the end of last year.

This time, she was originally a candidate for the Gold Star Film Award for Best Actress.

However, Su Beis appearance directly minimized her attention.

Di Xing Media Company was also fighting to win awards for their own artists.

The Venus Film Awards placed great importance on acting skills.

However, it also placed great importance on the popularity of the artists themselves.

It could be considered an award that kept up with the times.

It was very good at keeping up with the thoughts of young people.

Therefore, generally speaking, popular celebrities had an easier time winning the awards.

For the sake of boosting her popularity, Jia Shiyun had already started hyping herself up from the beginning.

She bought a lot of fake reviewers with money out of her own pocket and increased the number of votes.

Of course, she had to suppress Su Bei and show off her popularity so that the organizers of the awards could see her popularity.

Apart from that, Jia Shiyun also looked for Li Qisheng.

Li Qisheng had always been patient with her and would grant her requests.

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She believed this time would be no different.

“Manager Li, you know that Im fighting to win the Best Actress Award at Venus Film Awards, right” This time, Jia Shiyun didnt want to be suppressed by Su Bei again.

Li Qisheng understood what she meant.

Jia Shiyun said such things because she wanted the company to help her win this award.

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