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With their support, the movies box office numbers would naturally rise again.

In addition, there were no romantic scenes in this movie.

What stood out were family and friendship, as well as the female leads hard work in her career.

It gave these young people a boost.

Casual fans loved the movie too.


Who says the younger generation lives only in depravity and pleasure Do we only think about love Were serious too, okay This movie is a good representation of us.]

[Its never too late so long as you work hard.]

[Just try.

Even if you fail, youll have a clear conscience.

Move, dont just remain idle.]

Boxer firmly occupied the first place at the box office.

Basketball Baby was second.

And all of this happened after the allocation and announcement of funds and resources.

Jia Shiyun and Jia Jia could not believe that a movie that was so dull and did not even have a romantic plot could suppress Basketball Baby.

Something must have gone wrong in the middle.

Jia Shiyun found Li Qisheng and asked for more funds.

Li Qisheng said awkwardly, “Shiyun, as you can see, the publicity for this movie is already higher than any other movie under our company.

If we increase it, there wont be such a precedent.”

“But Manager Li, this movie is very profitable.

If we add more funds, we can definitely earn much more.”

“Shiyun, we really cant do it this time,” Li Qisheng shook his head and said.

He had been keeping track of things.

Basketball Baby was indeed profitable, but the cost was also very high.

Even if they continued to increase the funds, the movie might not be able to beat Boxer.

Even if it was not for the sake of their investment, it was better to stabilize the current situation and make a profit.

Besides, the number of screenings for Basketball Baby was already very high.

Previously, the number had reached 40 percent.

That was a very high number for any movie.

It showed that its potential had been exploited.

A movie with all its potential already tapped was still a spent force no matter how much money was invested.

On the other hand, Boxer was still advancing steadily.

Anyone who watched the movie would promote it to their friends and recommend them to watch it.

Such recommendations and reputation could not be bought with money.

Jia Shiyun was very disappointed.

She never expected Su Bei to seize the initiative so easily.

Jia Jia was actually in a good mood.

She comforted her and said, “Sister Shiyun, its okay.

Im already doing quite well now.

This is already the peak of my career.

Its good enough that I can be second.

Anyway, I dont have as many fans as Su Bei.

Im very satisfied with this result.”

Jia Shiyun looked at her unhappily.

Jia Jia was satisfied, but she was not satisfied at all!

It would have been fine if it were someone else ranked first, but it was Su Bei!

This was an opponent she hated and feared.

Jia Shiyun did not want to deal with Su Bei herself.

She thought could use Jia Jia to suppress Su Bei.

Now, it seemed impossible.

Jia Jia was not an opponent for Su Bei at all.

She was even feeling smug because of such a small achievement.

The box office numbers for Basketball Baby could not surpass Boxer.

To Jia Shiyun, this was a tragic failure.

Not only would she be compared to others, but Jia Jias inexperienced acting skills would also be highlighted because of Su Bei.

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