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At that moment, she received several phone calls.

She picked up the calls with a smooth smile.

“Thank you, Producer Zhang.

Its all thanks to you.

Lets earn big bucks together.”

“Thank you for your guidance, Director Li.

Ill definitely treat you to a meal with Jia Jia another day.

Alright, thank you.”

After she was done, she smiled.

‘You want to fight me Youre not even close, Su Bei!

As for Boxer, because of the lack of promotions in the beginning, there were not many screenings in the theater.

Although the box office was good, there were few screenings.

Overall, the results of Boxer did not catch up to the results of Basketball Baby.

However, three days after its release, Boxer attracted the attention of many people in the industry.

Many film critics also wrote reviews recommending the movie.

They called He Xuyanthe leader of the new generation of directors, who move easily between the pace of the story and the characterization.

[Su Beis performance is also commendable.

I didnt expect her to have such acting skills.]

[You can say that He Xuyan and Su Bei held up the soul of this movie.

Its worth watching over and over again.]

Because of these comments, the theaters appropriately increased the number of screenings.

With the increase in screenings, Boxers box office numbers went up significantly.

It rose strongly on the fourth day and tied with Basketball Baby.

As for the theaters, they were not fools.

Naturally, they would prioritize whatever movies made money.

Seeing the trend of Boxer, they naturally adjusted the lineup again.

On the fifth day, Boxer shot up the box office, overtaking Basketball Baby.

That was with the number of screenings for the movie itself, which was lower than the number of screenings for Basketball Baby.

It was a testament to how popular it was.

From that day on, Boxer steadily maintained its position as number one on the daily box office chart, pushing Basketball Baby to second place.

Its daily box office also reached an astonishing 100 million.

Those who had watched the movie were shocked by He Xuyans talent and by Su Beis acting skills.

Every move Su Bei made seemed to make her look like she was not a model at all.

If one didnt know about her previous career, they wouldnt even think that she was a model who used to don high-end clothes and walk on the runway.

Many people would even think that Su Bei was a boxer herself.

At the beginning of the movie, her eyes were cowardly and evasive.

In the later part, they became confident, determined, and ruthless.

When these scenes were filmed, they were not done in the order in which they happened in the movie.

Instead, they were shot according to the crews timeline.

Therefore, it was possible that they were still filming the scenes of her being cowardly in the morning, then in the afternoon, Su Bei would have to film the scene of her standing on stage and receiving the championship trophy.

It was obvious how difficult it was to switch between these scenes seamlessly.

Su Beis loyal fans were almost in an uproar on Weibo, reposting and supporting her.

[Su Bei is really good.

I didnt misjudge you! All the best.

Ill always support you.]

[Im satisfied.

Where are those who said that Su Beis acting skills are bad]

[Whats strength This is strength! Su Bei is the definition of strength!]

Su Beis loyal fans were also the type with stronger spending power.

Most of them were young people who had just graduated and were all people with certain spending power.

Naturally, they had to go to the movie theater to support Su Bei.

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