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However, Su Bei could not get enough of it.

“So, Wang Juntang cured Gun Gun How can we thank him properly”

“Youve forgotten.

Ive already thanked him.”

Su Bei shook her head.

“Thats your gratitude, not mine.

Now that I know Gun Gun is my son, I have to thank him again.”

Lu Heting stroked her hair.

“Then well talk about it later.”

“I wonder what Dr.

Wang likes”

“As far as I know, hes only interested in medical research and nothing else,” Lu Heting said.

“Didnt he go to Di Xing Media Company last time to wait for his friend Since his friend is working at Di Xing Media Company, we can help take care of his friend.”

Lu Heting said, “Okay, Ill ask Li Qisheng to arrange it.”

He didnt know that it was Jia Shiyun of Di Xing Media Company and thought that Wang Juntangs friend was someone else.

Since Su Bei wanted to thank others, he naturally had no objections.

Su Bei nodded.

“Gun Guns condition is really fine, right”

She felt that she had been talking too much as well.

However, she had no choice.

Su Bei was still full of concern for her son.

She had a lot of things to confirm with Lu Heting.

She needed to know if Gun Gun was doing well or not.

“Yes, theres really no problem with him.” Lu Heting was still patient with her.

He knew how much she had suffered all these years because of this child.

However, when Su Bei asked for the nth time, Lu Heting reached out and pulled her into his arms.

He asked in a hoarse voice, “Are you not sleeping tonight”

“Im so excited.

I cant sleep.” Su Bei held her face in her hands.

Her face was still hot.

She felt as though she was floating in midair and couldnt get down.

She didnt even feel this excited about her first job, her first time on stage, or the first time her movie was released.

This was the only thing that hovered in her mind, making her thoughts so active that she couldnt sleep.

“Youll be able to fall asleep if youre tired.” Lu Hetings Adams apple moved as he kissed Su Beis lips.

The night was long, and the moon hid in the clouds.

The night was quiet and restless.

After Basketball Baby was released, the box office went all the way up.

As it was a youth romance film with a good plot, it attracted a large number of students and young people to watch it.

The popularity was maintained quite well.

It occupied first place at the box office for three days.

Jia Shiyun and Jia Jia were already preparing for the celebration banquet.

This movie should be able to recoup its investment quickly and make a huge profit.

After this incident, Jia Jias career would probably go up to another level.

The two of them were currently in the company.

When they walked, their heads were high and their chests were puffed out.

They were completely imposing.

This momentum seemed to suppress Su Bei.

Su Bei was in a good mood.

Basketbell Baby had made a lot of money.

Lu Weijian and Di Xing would make a lot of money as well.

After all, the money was pocketed by Lu Heting.

She wasnt worried at all.

In fact, she was beaming.

Seeing that Su Bei had been coming to the company frequently these past two days, Jia Shiyun couldnt help but say, “In terms of forcing a smile, Im afraid no one can compare to Su Bei.”

Jia Jia smiled and said, “Thats right.

Her movie has been suppressed by us.

Im afraid Di Xing wont give Su Bei much resources in the future.”

“Seize this opportunity.

I believe you can replace Su Bei soon,” Jia Shiyun said confidently.

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