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She truly did treat Gun Gun as her child later on.

She had been treating him as her child, and he really was her child.

There were no words to describe Su Beis current mood.

There was no other gift like this piece of news.

She shed a lot of tears, and her smile slowly returned to her face.

Lu Heting lifted her chin and kissed her eyes.

Su Bei burst out laughing.

She couldnt stop the tears or the smile.

“Lu Heting, thank you.

This is the best gift Ive ever received!”

Knowing that Gun Gun was Su Beis son, everything was explained.

His softness, his cuteness, and his smile were all inherited from Su Bei.

If Da Bao was a replica of Lu Heting, Gun Gun was a replica of Su Bei.

He was like a small sun that emitted a warm light.

Su Bei couldnt wait to go home to see Gun Gun.

Lu Heting drove her home.

When they reached home, Gun Gun heard the door open and ran over.

He greeted them with a smile.

“Daddy, Bei Bei!”

He ran over, hugged Su Beis leg, and raised his head.

When he saw Su Beis red eyes, he immediately became nervous.

“Who bullied my Bei Bei”

His little face became serious as he raised his eyebrows unhappily.

It was only at times like this when one could see Lu Heting in him.

Su Bei bent down and picked him up.

“No one bullied me.

I got sand in my eyes.”

She held the warm child in her arms, her heart filled with gentleness.

Even her voice was exceptionally gentle.

She didnt expect to be able to hold onto the son she had missed so much and hadnt seen since birth.

She hugged Gun Gun and held on tight with her head resting on Gun Guns shoulder.

The joy of having found him after losing him trumped everything else.

Da Bao could also sense Su Beis abnormal emotions.

He looked up at Lu Heting coldly, as if saying,If you dare to bully Su Bei, youre dead!

Lu Heting touched the tip of his nose, satisfied with his two sons protective attitude toward Su Bei.

Su Bei also noticed her two sons emotions.

Her smile was passionate and gentle.

“Im crying because Im too happy.

My new movie was released tonight.

It has good reviews.”

Gun Guns matter was still complicated.

She didnt intend to tell Gun Gun directly, so she avoided the topic for the time being.

“Really Then Im going to watch it too.” As expected, Gun Guns attention was diverted.

“So when can Da Bao and I go watch it”

“Ill bring you tomorrow!” she said with a smile.

“Yay!” Gun Gun clapped excitedly.

Su Bei looked at Gun Gun seriously.

The more she looked at him, the more she felt that he looked like her.

Lu Heting had already made everything clear tonight.

She had no doubts about this matter.

Besides, considering her affinity with Gun Gun, she had long believed that she and Gun Gun were mother and son.

At night, Su Bei was so excited that she couldnt sleep.

Her excitement for the movies screening was replaced by the feelings brought by the truth about Gun Guns background.

Like a child who always had to listen to the same story, she pestered Lu Heting to tell her Gun Guns background again.

“Say it again.

Just say it again.”

Lu Heting repeated it patiently.

It was almost the fifth time.

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