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Lu Heting tilted his head and glanced at Su Bei.

He was proud of his woman.

Su Bei was very excited.

After filming for so long, this was the first time she had seen herself on the big screen.

After coming out of the cinema, she couldnt help but scroll through the comments on Weibo.

Seeing that there were quite a lot of good reviews, she scrolled through the comments and showed them to Lu Heting.

“Look, this person really knows how to phrase his words.”

Lu Hetings eyes were gentle, and the smile on his lips widened.

He looked at Su Bei calmly and dotingly.

Su Bei deserved all of this.

Although the publicity for Boxer was very ordinary, He Xuyans loyal fans were indeed quite supportive.

After watching the movie, they spontaneously promoted it.

Then, on a platform that was known to have the fairest ratings in the industry, Boxer was given a high score with many recommendations.

The chain reaction started.

A lot of people were intrigued.

Bit by bit, the box office sales for the weekend release of Boxer began to rise.

When Su Bei was done, she followed Lu Heting into the car.

After getting into the car, she tilted her head and smiled.

When she saw the mans burning gaze, she couldnt help but ask with a smile, “Why are you happier than me”

Lu Heting reached out and pulled her into his arms.

He gave her a passionate kiss and said lovingly, “I have a gift for you.

Its to celebrate the release of your new movie.”

“Sure!” Su Bei tilted her head, her smile widening.

Lu Heting said softly, “Su Bei, Ive found the other twin for you.”

Su Beis body trembled.

The pain from back then stabbed into her heart, but she didnt stay sad for long.

For the sake of Da Bao, she had quickly forced herself to move on from the incident.

She didnt even tell Lu Heting about it.

How did he know

“You!” Her smile froze, and her voice was caught in her throat.

The child was gone.

She knew that better than anyone, but… The mans eyes were red-rimmed and intense.

She couldnt bear to question him.

Lu Hetings voice was filled with a deeper love for her.

“Its Gun Gun.

Gun Gun is Xiao Bao.”

“…” Su Bei stared at Lu Heting, speechless.

Her mind went blank, and her thoughts were in a million fragments.

For a moment, she couldnt grasp what that meant.

She could see her reflection in his deep, cold eyes, but she couldnt sort out her thoughts.

“Its Gun Gun,” Lu Heting said.

He picked up the important information and told her the whole truth.

As his mellow and gentle voice slowly echoed in her ears, Su Bei finally began to digest the information.

Those words transformed into meaningful sentences in her mind that she could understand and digest.

Her senses seemed to be frozen.

However, her eyes were suddenly filled with tears.

They kept falling from her chin onto her clothes.

Lu Heting reached out and pulled her into his arms.

He rested his chin on the top of her head and patted her shoulder to ease her throbbing emotions.

Lying on his shoulder, she bit the tip of her tongue and let out a soft sob.

She had never thought that it would be like this, nor did she dare to imagine that she had actually received the best treatment in the world.

She thought of her broken heart back then and how she had longed for Gun Gun to be her child when they first met.

He had held up the milk to her.

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