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The ticket sales for Boxer were not as outstanding.

After all, there was not much publicity.

Director Hes last movie was released a few years ago, while Su Beis acting skills had yet to be proven to the public.

Su Beis expression was very relaxed.

It was as if she could see gold coins falling into Lu Hetings pocket, making clunking sounds.

Lu Heting tilted his head to look at the woman.

Her bare face was fair and dazzling under the lights.

He held her hand and entered the cinema hall.

There were not many people here.

Someone said in a low voice, “Director He is very talented.

I believe his work this time will move me like the previous times.”

“But with Su Bei acting in this movie, itll be a little difficult.”

“But Director He is also very good at training actors.”

“But who knows if Su Bei can be taught…”

Lu Hetings face darkened a little.

Su Bei stuffed a drumstick into his hand.

“Its okay.

Theyre telling the truth.

Its good enough that they came for Director He.”

The movie officially started, and everyone fell silent.

Fortunately, there were few people around, so Su Beis eating would not affect others.

However, soon after she started eating, she stopped.

This was the first time she saw her face on the big screen.

It was really refreshing and surprising.

On the big screen, her face was magnified to the point that every single pore on her face could be seen.

Her micro-expressions were also seen by everyone.

She thought of the plot.

A tenacious boxer who went from having nothing to being admired by everyone for her dream.

The hard work she put in for this dream appeared in front of her again.

At first, there were still some discussions in the cinema.

Later on, everyone was immersed in the movie and the sound of people eating popcorn was gone.

Lu Heting held Su Beis hand tightly.

When the movie ended and the lights came on, the person in the front row suddenly let out a soft sob.

“Im so touched.

Im already in tears!”

“My faith in Director He has been restored! He truly is a famous director!”

“Did you guys see Su Bei”

“Su Bei Oh, that female boxer was played by Su Bei! Oh my God, when I saw her, I didnt associate her with Su Bei at all.

What kind of goddess is she Is Su Bei so good-looking that she can even stand the test of the cameras”

“Yet you didnt believe me when I said that Director He has sharp eyes.

Since he chose her, what is there to worry about”

Hearing these comments, Su Bei held her face.

Such clear and undisguised praise was completely different from reading the words on Weibo.

It was pleasant to hear people say such nice things

As Su Bei walked out, she heard people praising her.

She knew that her reputation would definitely not be bad this time.

At the very least, she would not let down her hard work and Director Hes harsh training.

Moviegoers were no longer the same as a few years ago.

They had their own aesthetics.

They had requirements for the plot of the movie, the filming methods, and the actors acting skills.

This was a good thing.

If the entire industry could develop in an orderly and healthy manner, those who worked hard would receive the rewards they deserved.

Those who were shoddy would have fewer and fewer chances of remaining in the industry.

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