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Lu Weijian said, “I wonder if Liao Qing would be angered to death if she finds out about this! She tried everything but to no avail.

If she hadnt stolen Gun Gun, she probably wouldnt have gotten into a car accident.

People really shouldnt have ulterior motives.

Otherwise, no one knows how trouble will hit them.”

After Lu Weijian finished speaking, Lu Heting flipped through all the documents.

All the information was accurate.

The surveillance footage of the witness testimonies could also be seen.

Only then did Gun Guns past come to light.

As for Liao Qings schemes, they would also become a speck of dust in history and have nothing to do with Lu Heting anymore.

A smile appeared on Lu Hetings lips.

He pressed the tip of his tongue against his cheek and smiled in peace.

He did not know if Su Bei would like this gift.

When Su Bei arrived at the parking lot of Lu Group, she called Lu Heting.

“I wont be coming up.

Come down.”

Su Bei felt that Lu Hetings voice seemed to be filled with happiness.

That was true.

She had filmed two movies, but this was the first screening.

It was only right for Lu Heting to be happy for her.

Lu Heting quickly went downstairs.

His tall figure appeared at the elevator, illuminating the entire dark underground parking lot.

Su Bei drove over and smiled.

“Handsome, where are you going”

Lu Heting walked around the front of the car and went to the drivers seat.

Su Bei rolled down the car window.

The man held her head and pressed her forehead against his.

His well-defined fingers ran through her long hair as he leaned against her quietly.

There would be no more estrangement between him and Su Bei.

His guilt and heartache for her would also be compensated in another way.

Su Bei, his woman.

He would give her the most complete and perfect life in the world.

Su Bei was melted by his loving actions.

Her voice was soft as she said, “The movie is about to start.”

“Let me drive,” Lu Heting said.

“Let me do it.

Youve been busy the entire day.

I havent done anything today, so Im especially energetic.” He was her husband.

She was willing to take care of him.

Lu Hetings laughter echoed in her ears.

He kissed her eyebrows and the tip of her nose before getting into the front passenger seat.

Su Bei said apologetically, “In order to watch the first show, the time slot for our tickets isnt great.

Well have to have dinner in the cinema.

Is it okay if I order the family bucket”

“Okay.” Lu Heting had no objections.

After sitting down, he reached out and placed his hand on the back of Su Beis hand.

Su Bei tilted her head to look at him and smiled.


Lu, safety first.”

Lu Heting could not help but laugh as he retracted his hand and said, “Madam Lu, please.”

Su Bei and Lu Heting got out of the car, bought a family bucket, and went straight to the cinema.

It was Friday, so there were a lot of couples and students.

According to Su Beis estimation, there were a lot of people who bought tickets to Basketball Baby.

Everyone was discussing in low voices.

“I heard that the romance in this movie is very touching.

Ive wanted to watch it for a long time.”

“Yes, and its quite an easy watch.”

“Im here to relax.

After a week of work, my brain cant function anymore.”

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