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As Liao Qing had changed the reports of the two children and there were no obvious physiological characteristics on the two children, even Gu Xifeng was deceived.

Unexpectedly, not long after she left with Gun Gun, she got into a car accident.

The child and she were sent to another hospital.

The hospital helped her inform the Liao family to come over and gave Gun Gun temporary treatment.

Liao Qing was seriously injured and did not survive.

Hence, the matter of the child became a mystery.

Later on, the Liao family came over and brought Gun Gun back.

They had the same thoughts as Liao Qing.

They wanted to use Gun Guns identity to achieve their goal of living a rich life.

As expected, the few elders of the Lu family accepted the baby with the Lu familys bloodline without any resistance.

Even a child with a stain was treated as a treasure by the elders.

Lu Heting could not hate the soft and innocent baby.

He spent a lot of effort to get Wang Juntang to treat Gun Gun.

Fortunately, Gun Guns condition eventually stabilized.

Under Wang Juntangs meticulous treatment, he returned to normal and grew up steadily in the Lu family until now.

After saying this, Lu Weijian said, “Brother, this is what happened.

Although there might be some discrepancies, this is the truth according to all the information and evidence.

“As for Liao Qings thoughts and actions, a large portion of them were deduced from her diary and her style of doing things.

A small portion of them was verified from the surveillance footage.”

Lu Heting looked at the report in silence.

Indeed, this explanation was complete.

As Liao Qing was already dead, the details could not be investigated anymore.

However, the truth was finally out.

The question of how Gun Gun landed in the Lu familys hands from Su Bei was also answered.

Lu Heting thought of Gun Guns soft and cute face, then he thought of his relationship with Su Bei from the beginning.

His heart swelled with something, making him purse his lips tightly.

Lu Weijian continued, “Brother, theres another matter.

Do you want to hear it”

“Gu Xifeng treated the child Liao Qing gave birth to Sister-in-laws child and kept him in the hospital, right Gu Xifeng then buried the childs body in the cemetery near the hospital and would pay his respects every year.

This time, we arranged for people to retrieve the body and check it.”

Lu Heting frowned.

Even if it was an accident and a scheme, he hated that a random woman had gotten pregnant with his child.

This almost became a sore point in his heart.

“However, according to the results of the DNA comparison, the child Liao Qing gave birth to isnt yours.

It belongs to one of the men whose sperm she stole in the past.

When the results were out, I didnt know whether to laugh or cry.

I didnt expect Liao Qing to spend so much effort to get pregnant with the Lu familys child, but somehow, the child she got pregnant with wasnt even yours.”

After Lu Weijian said this, the heavy feeling in Lu Hetings heart finally disappeared.

He heaved a sigh of relief… This outcome was clearly what he had expected.

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