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Su Bei bought the tickets and sent a message to Lu Heting.


Lu, can you come and meet me tonight]

Lu Heting replied quickly: [May I know who you are]

[Lu! He! Ting!] Su Bei thought that he was doomed.

Lu Heting sent a laughing voice message.

“Alright, Ill come and pick you up.”

“No need, Ill pick you up!” Su Bei said as she drove.

Lu Heting felt like he was getting more and more pampered.

His expression relaxed, and his eyes were filled with affection.

When Lu Weijian rushed in, he saw his brother sitting at the table with a smug expression.

He immediately stopped in his tracks.

Lu Heting looked at him coldly.

“Brother! The results from the American hospital are out.

Do you want to take a look”

Lu Heting immediately sat up straight and asked, “What did you find out”

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“We arranged for people to go over and ask all the doctors and nurses who worked in the hospital that year.

We also contacted all the patients who came to the hospital that year.

After watching the surveillance videos, we roughly know the whole story.”

“Speak!” Lu Hetings expression was serious.

Lu Weijian began to tell him everything based on the information.

Liao Qing had probably stolen Lu Hetings sperm from the hospital, but in order not to let others know that she stole Lu Hetings sperm, she also stole the sperm of a few other men who did check-ups in the hospital.

She then brought them to the United States.

It was also because of this that the Lu family did not expect someone to steal Lu Hetings sperm for this purpose.

In that hospital in the United States, Liao Xing extracted an egg and underwent IVF surgery.

Her original intention was to give birth to Lu Hetings child and bring it back.

She wanted to be rich and enjoy life in the upper class.

Unexpectedly, after her child was born, she suffered from serious congenital heart disease.

That disease was not diagnosed during pregnancy and was only discovered after the child was born.

Hence, after the child was born, the child suffocated and could not be saved.

Liao Qing did not expect this outcome.

She had tried her best to plan it out, but that was the outcome she got.

She could not accept it and was utterly disheartened in the hospital.

At the same time, Gu Xifeng brought Su Beis child, Gun Gun, to the same hospital for emergency treatment.

As Gu Xifeng knew that Su Bei was marrying Lu Heting and Gun Gun was Lu Hetings child, he had mentioned it in the hospital.

When he mentioned it, Liao Qing happened to hear it.

She did not want all her efforts to go down the drain, but if she wanted to do IVF again, she had to stay in the United States for another year.

She could no longer hide it from others, nor could she afford the high living expenses in the United States and the hospital fees.

Hence, she took the risk and exchanged her child with Gun Gun while Gu Xifeng was making preparations.

She planned to use Gun Gun to return to the Lu family and pretend that he was the child she gave birth to.

As she had been in the hospital for a long time, many doctors and nurses were not on guard against her.

She left with Gun Gun, but everyone thought that she left the hospital with the remains of her child.

When Gu Xifeng was ready to treat Gun Gun, he was faced with Liao Qings stillborn.

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