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Chapter 107: Chapter 107 The Feeling of Being Commanded by His Wife

If Xu Meiqi was only required to shoulder the repair costs, she would be let off too lightly.

When Su Bei and Gun Gun walked out of the room, Lu Heting had just finished his phone call.

Gun Gun and the woman in front of him were wearing twinning Pikachu T-shirts.

Su Bei wore a suspender skirt, and Gun Gun also matched it with suspender trousers.

She looked young and energetic, and looking at her made him feel relaxed and happy.

There seemed to be a sea of stars in Lu Hetings eyes.

She was his woman, and she was great.

“Lets go.

Ill drive.

Lu Heting, take Gun Guns safety seat,” Su Bei ordered while taking Gun Guns hand.

The feeling of being commanded by his wife felt so good that the corners of Lu Hetings mouth curved into a smile and never came down.

Su Bei got into the drivers seat while Lu Heting sat on the passengers seat.

Gun Gun could only sit on the safety seat installed in the back seat with an unhappy face.

As a cute little boy, he was obviously Su Beis favorite.

He should be the one sitting on the passengers seat, right

Lu Heting stretched out his hand, patted him on the head, and said, “Its Bei Beis first time to drive a car with us.”

“Yes!” Gun Gun felt very honored, so he should cherish this opportunity.

In an instant, the unhappy expression on his little face was replaced by a smile.

“Sit tight.

Im going to drive now.” Su Bei started the engine, and the car rushed out.

She opened the panoramic sunroof, so Gun Gun had a clear view of the blue sky outside from the back seat.

His little face was filled with joy and pleasant surprise.

After wandering around the suburbs for a long time, Gun Gun felt hungry, so Lu Heting suggested finding a place for dinner.

“I want to eat spicy crayfish and durian.

I also want to eat cold pot fish.” All the food that Gun Gun mentioned was also Su Beis favorites.

No one from the Lu family had eaten these dishes before.

Gun Gun had tried them for the first time, and it so happened that he also liked them.

“Okay, well have them for dinner,” Lu Heting agreed.

Su Bei parked the car, and the three of them entered the restaurant.

Although Su Bei was very popular recently, she wore clothes that made her look so young and refreshing in her daily life.

She was totally different from that tall supermodel who walked like a fairy on the stage.

Seeing her right now, people would find it difficult to connect her to that supermodel.

So when she entered the restaurant, she didnt even wear sunglasses.

She just held Gun Guns little hand and walked casually.

But their presence immediately attracted a lot of attention.

“Look! Such a beautiful woman!”

“The boy is so cute too.

Is he a star Oh, my! I really want to squeeze his cheeks.”

“Their twinning T-shirts look so good.

Why havent I noticed them before”

Following behind them, Lu Heting heard all the peoples comments.

And he subconsciously smiled.

He was usually serious and cold and rarely smiled openly.

But now, his smile was as bright as the dazzling stars in the sky, illuminating the restaurant.

He was handsome enough to force back the vanity of the world.

“Wow! He is so handsome!” many people exclaimed in unison.

“No wonder the little boy is so good-looking.

It turns out that his father is so handsome and his mother is so beautiful.”

“I envy them.

How can a family of three be so good-looking They are also tall!”

Hearing the voices around reminded Su Bei of Da Bao.

Yes, Gun Gun was cute.

But Da Bao was really the handsome one.

Gun Gun might be like his mother, tender and obedient.

Da Bao was handsome in a manly way.

It was just a pity that Da Bao hadnt agreed to live with Lu Heting yet.

So she had to keep Da Baos existence a secret from Lu Heting for the time being.

Everyone stopped eating and watched the family of three walk and sit at their table.


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