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“I understand.

Ill try my best to attend all of the roadshows.” Su Bei nodded.

“Jia Shiyun helped Jia Jia apply for ten million yuan in publicity funds, and Manager Li agreed.” Qiao Mei had a headache thinking about this.

Jia Shiyun had indeed gone too far.

However, Qiao Mei also knew that there were some matters in the company that she should not interfere in.

Su Bei thought of how Li Qisheng would always agree to Jia Shiyuns requests.

She wondered what their relationship was.

However, Lu Weijian had always been in charge of Di Xing Media Company.

Since he did not say anything, Su Bei naturally could not say anything.

After all, in the past few years, others had done the same.

Everything had always been calm.

When Su Bei came out of Qiao Meis office, she saw Jia Shiyun distributing tickets to the employees of Di Xing Media Company.

“Ill book the entire venue tonight.

Please support Jia Jia.

Everyone, please give us your support.”

“Of course, Basketball Baby is so popular.

The box office will definitely explode.”

“Yeah, I saw the trailer.

Jia Jias performance is really good.

Today is the first day of screening.

The box office will definitely be over a hundred million yuan.”

Jia Shiyun smiled and said, “Its all thanks to everyone.

After all, this movie was invested in by our company.

I hope everyone can support it.”

Everyone was naturally enthusiastic.

Indeed, if this movie made it big, everyone would have a lot to gain.

Su Bei could not help but smile.

Of course, she also hoped that this movie would be a hit.

After all, every cent this movie earned meant that Lu Heting would earn more.

Lu Hetings money was their joint asset, so she wanted Jia Jia to make it big as well.

When Jia Shiyun saw Su Bei standing at the side with a bright smile, she looked at Su Bei and said with a smile, “Su Bei, I heard that your movie will be released in two days.

What a coincidence.

Youre going to be up against Jia Jia.”

“Yes.” Su Bei smiled.

“I hope Basketball Baby can be a big success.”

These were sincere words, but Jia Shiyun seemed to hear a trace of mockery.

She smiled and said, “Su Bei, do you have so little confidence in yourself Youre already showing signs of admitting defeat before the competition even begins.”

Su Beis smile widened.

“After all, Basketball Baby was invested in by the company.

I naturally hope that its a big success and the company will get good returns on their investment.

As for my movie, I dont think its on the same level as Jia Jias movie, so I dont have to compare myself to her.”

What she meant was that she did not take Jia Jia seriously at all.

Basketball Baby was a relaxed commercial movie.

How could Su Bei compare to Jia Jia

Seeing that she was so arrogant, Jia Shiyun said indifferently, “Then dont regret it when the time comes.”

Su Bei turned around and left.

Coincidentally, she received a call from Lu Weijian.

He was asking if she needed help with the release of her movie.

“I dont need it, but Ive taken a look at Basketball Baby.

Its not bad.

Its very entertaining.

I reckon itll attract many young people to watch it.

If you have the budget, you can invest a little more in it.”

“What about you” Lu Weijian asked.

“Im confident in Director He, and I also believe that the audience needs good movies as well.

Theyll definitely be able to tell whats good.

My movie wasnt invested in by Di Xing.

If you arrange for me to receive funds, itll be difficult to convince the public.

Its better to allocate everything toBasketball Baby.”

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