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Lu Heting was lost in thought for a moment.

Gun Guns temperament and appearance were both like Su Beis.

He was cute, exquisite, and always as bright as the sun—bringing light and warmth to everyone.

If Da Bao were the same as him, then Gun Gun was the same as Su Bei.

Sensing Lu Hetings presence, Su Bei and Gun Gun looked up at the same time with the same smile on their faces.

“Youre back”

Lu Heting walked over and hugged the mother and son.

Da Bao had a look that said,If you want to hug me, I wont object.

Youre my daddy.

Su Bei pulled him over and hugged him.

Da Baos expression was that of willingness.

“Let me tell you a piece of good news.

My movie Boxer is going to be released soon! Its set to be out in half a month.” Su Bei smiled.

“Congratulations!” Lu Heting and Da Bao said in unison.

“I want to watch it!” Gun Gun immediately jumped up.

“Can I watch it”

Su Bei thought about it.

There were no inappropriate scenes for children.

This movie was not about romance but fighting.

She did not know if he would be afraid.

Gun Gun patted his chest.

“Of course not.

With Mommy around, why would I be afraid of anything”

Su Bei smiled and rubbed his head.

When she entered the bedroom at night, Su Bei had just opened the door when the man pressed her against the door and kissed her.

Su Bei could feel that the man seemed to be exceptionally enthusiastic.

When she was let go, her face was red and she was panting.

“Did something happen”

“Why cant I just dote on my wife” Lu Hetings voice was gentle and proud.

Su Bei smiled.

“I keep feeling that youre especially different today…”

“It just seems like youre doing better than before…” Su Bei muttered.

She also could not point out what exactly it was.

It was just a feeling.

“Ill get better and better in the future.” Lu Heting lowered his head and kissed her again.

Boxer was going to be released, so Su Bei would inevitably have roadshows in other cities.

The reason why this movie was released so quickly was that most of the scenes in this movie were shot live.

It did not need much effort post-production.

He Xuyan was also a strict person.

When filming, he would film in the day and start editing and polishing the scenes at night.

He was meticulous with his work, so the follow-up work was very fast.

Unlike Two Phoenixes, which was still in post-production.

The screening of Boxer coincided with Jia Jias Basketball Baby.

Jia Jias movie was filmed earlier than Su Beis.

With Jia Shiyuns efforts to arrange and help, Di Xing Media Company had also invested in it.

Hence, it was a very important piece of work and the production team had sufficient funds.

As for Boxer, it was just a movie that He Xuyan planned to shoot.

Di Xing Media Company and Lu Group did not invest in it.

Hence, He Xuyan could only bear the responsibility himself.

In addition, he had a strange temper and was very strict with people.

His popularity was very average, so the two movies were very different right from the beginning.

She said to Su Bei, “Su Bei, we can only rely on you and Director He for this movie.

Di Xing Media Company didnt invest in this, so even if they help you out on Weibo, they wont do much else.”

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