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At the same time, he was also worried that the outcome would not be what they wanted.

Hence, Lu Weijian did not dare to look.

Lu Hetings fingers were half a beat slower than usual.

Finally, he took the document.

It was a thin stack, but the weight of it felt heavy.

“Brother, why dont I tell you the results after looking at it” Lu Weijian saw Lu Hetings complicated mood and suggested.

“Ill take a look at it myself.” Lu Hetings voice was firm.

Lu Weijian stood still and waited for Lu Heting to read it.

He was also extremely curious.

Previously, when Gun Gun was sent to the Lu family, there were actually many doubts.

However, the three elders were too happy about his arrival.

At that time, they didnt know about Su Bei at all, so no one would have thought to link them together.

If the two were really related, what exactly had happened

Lu Heting finally opened the report and flipped to the last page.

His gaze landed on the last line.

He saw the conclusion: [There is a biological mother-child relationship between the tester and the testee.]

Seeing Lu Hetings stunned expression, Lu Weijian could not help but snatch the report from him.

He quickly took a look and was overjoyed.

“Brother, its true! Its true! Look, its true!”

At this moment, apart from the joy of the mother and son reuniting, Lu Heting also felt heartache for Su Bei.

Throughout these years, she had been enduring the pain of all this herself.

Gun Guns existence was undoubtedly the best gift for her.

Lu Weijian asked curiously, “But whats going on How did such a thing happen to Gun Gun Why doesnt Sister-in-law know anything about it”

Lu Heting did not know the cause of the matter, so he had already gotten someone to check the hospital Gu Xifeng mentioned.

With so many clues, it would be much easier to investigate.

Lu Heting told this result to Gu Xifeng, who was also shocked!

He was the one who carried the child out for treatment.

He was also the one who saw the accident and did not manage to save the child.

How did this happen

“Im going back to the country immediately,” he said over the phone.

At present, he had already returned to the United States with Feng Ze.

When he heard about this, he immediately rushed to S Country.

Without concrete evidence, Lu Heting would not know how the Liao family got their hands on Gun Gun.


Liao, Mrs.

Liao, and Liao Xintong were completely confused about this as well.

The only person who knew the inside story, Liao Qing, had already passed away.

“Brother, should we tell Sister-in-law immediately” Lu Weijian asked with a happy expression.

“Not for now.

Well talk about it when all the evidence has been gathered.”

After receiving this report, Lu Heting felt much more relaxed.

His tightly furrowed brows also relaxed.

Even Lu Weijian was no longer as gloomy as before.

When Lu Heting returned home, it was already late.

Opening the door, he went straight to the small three-bedroom area.

Even though they had already cleared the two floors and the entire house was as spacious as a villa, the mother and children still liked to stay in the three-room area when they had nothing to do.

It felt more like home there, and it was also a warm place for the family members to interact.

When Lu Heting went over, Gun Gun was lying on Su Bei and reading a picture book with her.

Da Bao was playing games that were too advanced for either of them.

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