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Tears welled up in Madam Lus eyes.

Lu Weijian said softly, “Even though Im not the son you love the most, Im still the son you love.

I have no regrets.

“Moreover, I dont want anything to happen to my brother either.”

When these words were said, the entire ward fell silent.

The gentle breeze of early summer gently blew past the leaves outside the window, producing a rustling sound that made one calm down.

Lu Weijian reached out to hold Madam Lus arm.

“Let me accompany you out, Mom.”

When he said these words, he was very calm.

He remembered that since he started learning how to speak, he had been following behind Madam Lu and Lu Heting.

He had been by their sides since he was a toddler till now.

The memories of his growth quickly washed away the pain in his heart.

Sunlight shone in from the window and landed on Lu Weijians shoulder.

He felt warmth and freedom.

It was a freedom that was not bound by his own hatred.

Standing at the door and listening to these words, Su Bei looked at Lu Weijian in a new light.

Someone who could reconcile with themselves like this must have a free and bright heart, right

Madam Lu came out with her two sons.

Su Bei walked away.

At this moment, although Madam Lu had retained her elegance, Su Bei was still the most unbearable person in her life.

She definitely did not want to be seen by someone like Su Bei.

Hence, Su Bei only appeared again after Madam Lu left with the police.

Lu Heting watched Madam Lu leave.

Lu Weijians expression was full of worry, but he was magnanimous.

The familiar Lu Weijian was back.

Lu Heting turned around and saw Su Bei standing not far away.

He reached out to her and pulled her into his arms.

Lu Weijians phone rang.

He picked up the phone, said a few words, and immediately said to Lu Heting, “Brother, we have the results.”

He was talking about the results of the DNA test.

This matter was done behind Su Beis back.

Lu Heting did not tell her that perhaps Gun Gun was Su Beis son.

Otherwise, if it turned out that Gun Gun was not, it would have given her false hope and filled her with regrets.

Hearing their words, Su Bei thought that it was about work, so she did not ask.

She said, “If youre busy, Ill go home first.

Ill take a taxi.”

“No need.

Ill send you back.”

In any case, the results were out.

Lu Heting was not in a rush.

He sent Su Bei home and said softly, “Ill go attend to some matters first.

Ill rush back as soon as possible.”

He watched Su Bei go up, and he only looked away when she disappeared from the elevator.

He was a little worried about the results.

He was afraid that it was not what she had imagined.

Lu Heting suppressed his doubts and rushed to the hospital.

Lu Weijian had already gone to get the test report.

The verification report was done by a trustworthy doctor, and the results were 100% accurate.

Lu Weijian ran over with the report and said, “Brother.”

He had not seen the report himself and did not know what the outcome would be.

Of course, they all hoped that Gun Gun was Su Beis child.

Previously, there was Liao Xintong.

Although she did not bring too much trouble to Su Bei, she was like a fly.

She was annoying and had also become the barrier between Madam Lu and Su Bei.

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