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“Ill go too,” Su Bei said.

She did not want to take the initiative to visit Madam Lu.

After all, Madam Lu might not want to see her.

However, this was a critical time for Lu Heting.

She wanted to do a good job as Lu Hetings wife.

Lu Heting frowned but nodded in agreement.

Su Bei and Lu Heting appeared in the hospital together.

She saw Lu Weijian running out of the hospital with an anxious expression.

He went forward and grabbed Lu Hetings hand.

“Brother, go see Mom.

I didnt expect her to do this.”

“Whats the matter” Lu Hetings voice was filled with anxiety.

“She turned herself in to the police,” Lu Weijian said.

“The police are here.

Mom said that no matter what the consequences are, shell bear them herself.

She said we have nothing to do with it and asked us not to care about her.

She has already given us all her shares.”

Lu Heting strode toward Madam Lus ward.

As soon as she went over, she saw many people who looked like police officers standing at the door of the ward.

When they saw Lu Heting, their expressions changed slightly.

Lu Heting said a few words in a low voice, and everyone moved aside to let Lu Heting and Lu Weijian in.

Su Bei did not follow them in.

Instead, she stood at the door and waited.

From where she was standing, she could see the scene inside and even hear the mother and sons conversation.

She glanced at Madam Lu.

The usually graceful noblewoman was already extremely haggard.

The wrinkles she did not have previously now adorned her face.

Su Bei sighed in her heart.

It was just that she did not have any feelings for Madam Lu.

Hence, this was the limit to her empathy.

When Madam Lu saw Lu Heting and Lu Weijian, she had already recovered her composure.

Even though her face was full of wrinkles, she still looked like a noblewoman.

She said calmly, “You dont have to persuade me.

Whether I did such a thing or not, perhaps only the law can decide.

Im tired too.

Lets leave it to the professionals to do these things.”

Lu Heting said, “Alright, I agree.”

“Brother!” Lu Weijian did not understand.

Lu Heting looked at him.

“The law will naturally exact justice.

It can also free Mom from her psychological restraints.”

Madam Lu smiled when she heard that.

She knew that Lu Heting had the same intentions as her, but he just did not say it.

Choosing such a method would give everyone peace of mind and give Feng Ze an explanation as well.

When Su Bei heard this at the door, she was stunned.

Madam Lu had indeed done a fair job.

With her identity, it was very difficult for her to calmly reveal what she had done to the police and accept the discussions of the world.

Moreover, with her status, it was not difficult for her to escape punishment.

It would indeed take courage for her to come to such a decision.

Madam Lu looked at Lu Weijian and said, “Weijian, the only person Im sorry to is you.”

Lu Weijian lowered his head and suddenly looked up.

He said, “Mom, dont say that.

Its reasonable for you to make such a choice.

If my brother were injured and something happened to him, I wouldnt be able to shoulder the responsibility of the Lu family and Lu Group.

If something really happened to him, I would have a headache.

Besides, its enough for me to know that you love me.

Such a thing doesnt mean anything.”

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