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“No wonder.” Su Bei understood where Lu Weijians depressed emotions came from.

He had been doted on by Madam Lu since he was young.

At the critical moment, however, Madam Lu chose to hurt him to protect Lu Heting.

Although the outcome was not tragic, not everyone could accept Madam Lus intention and thought process.

Most people would not be able to empathize with this pain nor understand it.

“Let him stay here for a few days,” Lu Heting said.

“Okay.” Su Bei expressed her understanding.

With Da Bao and Gun Gun accompanying Lu Weijian, his mood should recover quickly.

The filming of Boxer was about to be completed in a few days.

She became busy and did not have time to be bothered about Lu Weijians mood.

The next few scenes were very difficult to shoot.

The entire production team was under a lot of pressure.

The female character would be having her last boxing match in this scene.

After a lot of training and hard work, she won many medals.

After winning her last medal, she would achieve a grand slam.

However, in the last round, she was ambushed by the other party, and her leg was broken.

If this continued, she would suffer indescribable harm.

If she gave up now, she would lose her medal and her opponent would win it.

She would become a mere contestant who had no right to stand on the podium.

The audience below the stage stood up, cheering and looking at Su Beis character in surprise.

She chose to continue to defend her dignity as a boxer and her dignity as a medalist.

She fought back with all her might.

In the end, she defeated her opponent and obtained a medal.

She was also seriously injured because of this and could no longer appear in the boxing ring.

She even lost her leg.

Su Bei stood on stage and completed this difficult scene.

Her face was inevitably injured.

Her gaze was firm, and her face was covered in sweat.

She waved her fists on the stage.

She represented the power of women and everyone who wanted to pursue opportunities.

“Im not afraid of failure.

Im just afraid that I wont have a chance.

“Many people at their deathbeds would say that they havent succeeded yet.”

These were the words of this role and Su Beis heart.

She had tried everything and succeeded.

“Cut!” When He Xuyan shouted this, it marked the end of all of Su Beis scenes in this movie.

Su Bei stood up from the floor with sweat and bruises all over her body.

She took a deep breath.

“Alright, everything is done.

Everything is okay!”

Following He Xuyans words, everyone cheered.

“Lets have dinner together tonight!” the assistant director told He Xuyan.

He Xuyan was still strict, and everyone was quite afraid of him.

He was strict with Su Bei as well.

Even when they were eating, he did not smile.

Xiao Bai held Su Beis arm and said in a low voice, “If I didnt know that hes not even 30 years old, I would think that hes already in his 70s or 80s.

He keeps a straight face all day.

Its really scary.”

Su Bei glanced at He Xuyan and looked away.

As the movie was wrapped up, Su Bei did not have to wake up early to go to the set the next day.

She had a good sleep.

When she woke up, she saw Lu Heting getting dressed and planning to go out.

Seeing that she had woken up, he turned around and planted a kiss on her forehead.

“Im going to the hospital.

Ill be back soon.”

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