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Madam Lu said, “Im not sad.

They have their own things to do.

Its a good thing.

Theres something here for you to see.”

“What is it” Lu Weijian took it curiously.

It was Madam Lus phone.

“Its the surveillance footage of the car accident that night,” Madam Lu said.

Lu Weijian looked happy.

“Oh, really To be honest, Ive been wanting to see it.

Apparently, my brother was very heroic that night and it was as exciting as a TV show.

But when I asked around, they said that this was evidence for the case, so they refused to show it to me.

Even so, I really want to know what happened that night.”

“Take a look at it, then.

Youll find out what you want to know.”

Lu Weijian quickly nodded, played the video, and watched it attentively.

In the video, Madam Lus car was clearly heading toward him.

Then, Lu Heting and another car stopped Madam Lus car.

The three cars collided, but Lu Weijian, who was listening to music at the time, managed to avoid them.

Lu Weijians expression suddenly became serious.

Although he did not know the full story, how could he not know why Madam Lus car was driving toward him

The warmth and brilliance in his eyes shattered into pieces.

They still shone brightly, but they were filled with confusion.

Gradually, tears welled up in his eyes.

Madam Lus heart ached as she asked in a low voice, “Do you understand now”

Lu Weijians voice was hoarse.


“Because Feng Ze asked me to choose between you and Heting.

At that time, the demon was unleashed from my heart and it chose you.

Im sorry, Weijian.

Ive always said that I love you and treat you as my own son, but when I was really faced with something like that, I failed to keep my word.”

Madam Lus voice was filled with choking tears.

She knew that crying and apologizing was useless.

However, she still could not control her emotions.

Lu Weijian was silent, and his smile became forced.

His shoulders were slightly hunched.

This scene pierced Madam Lus heart.

However, it was already too late.

Although Lu Heting was helping her hide it from Lu Weijian, she still chose to confess her mistake regardless of whether Lu Weijian would forgive her or not.

“Im sorry, Weijian.” The wordsorry was especially pathetic, but Madam Lu could only say that.

Lu Weijian turned around and walked out.

He was in a daze.

When he felt someone standing in front of him, he looked up and saw Lu Hetings tall and slender figure.

“Brother.” Lu Weijians voice was low.

When Lu Heting saw him, he knew what was going on.

His mother must have been honest with Lu Weijian and told him everything.

Lu Weijian had always been simple-minded.

It was unknown if he could accept this.

“If youre tired, go back and rest.” Lu Heting patted his shoulder.

“Okay.” Lu Weijian nodded.

He took a few quick steps and walked past Lu Heting, escaping.

These days, Lu Weijian had been staying with Lu Heting.

No one was surprised that he was staying here.

However, Su Bei realized that he was especially depressed.

He no longer laughed a lot like before.

She guessed that someone had told him the truth.

Su Bei went to ask Lu Heting about it.

Lu Heting rubbed his eyebrows and said, “My mother told him.”

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