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Su Beis expression finally calmed down.

She thought that since it was Feng Ze who did it, it must be because of Da Bao.

His feelings for Da Bao had always been sincere.

He really treated Da Bao as his own child.

Lu Heting did not want to defend Madam Lu.

Although she was forced, she did something irrational and almost hurt Da Bao and Gun Gun.

That was a fact.

If Su Bei wanted to blame her, it was only right.

Su Bei closed her eyes and calmed herself down.

Obviously, she could not be so magnanimous as to be understanding of Madam Lus rash decision.

However, it seemed a little too much to pursue the matter with Madam Lu.

Lu Heting said in a low voice, “Su Bei, Im sorry.”

Su Bei was silent for a while before saying, “Lets go home first.

I wonder if Da Bao and Gun Gun are scared”

Only then did Lu Heting hug her and get into the car.

Seeing them come home together, Lu Weijian was finally relieved and asked, “Brother, whats going on I was scared to death today.”

“Its nothing much.

After eating, you can pick a guest room to stay in,” Lu Heting said.

“Brother, youre letting me stay here today Hehe, its rare for you to be so proactive.” Lu Weijians expression turned back to his usual carefree self.

“By the way, how are you going to deal with Feng Zes company tomorrow Is there anything you want me to do”

“Theres no need.

Feng Ze will probably give up.”

“Theres no need.

Feng Ze will probably give up.”

Lu Heting and Su Bei said the same thing in unison.

Lu Weijian was tortured by their display of love again.

“Why Wasnt he really insistent before Could it be that my brothers counter-attack was too effective I knew it, my brother is the best!”

Lu Heting and Su Bei both knew that since Feng Ze had already stopped Madam Lu today, he would not do anything for the time being.

No matter what the reason was, Feng Ze was not a bad person who killed without batting an eyelid.

As expected, the next morning, Gu Xifeng left a message to Su Bei saying that Feng Ze had already boarded the plane back to America.

He had also stopped cornering Lu Hetings company.

Lu Hetings counter-attack was already effective to begin with.

Now that Feng Ze had stopped making things hard for Lu Group, nobody was going against Lu Heting now.

After Lu Group survived this battle, the entire economy of S Country began to recover.

Previously, there were still people who criticized Lu Group.

Now, the reporters and chief editors who previously criticized Lu Group were so scared that they submitted their resignation letters and took the initiative to change careers even though Lu Heting would not even be bothered to pursue these small figures.

However, they still understood that if they stayed in this industry, their reputations would be tainted.

They could forget about making a name for themselves in this industry.

They might as well change careers as soon as possible so that they could still work hard.

Lu Weijian went to the hospital to visit Madam Lu.

Madam Lu felt very guilty toward him, and her heart was filled with regret.

“Mom, rest well.

The doctor said that youll be fine soon.

This is the mud cake I brought for you.

Its your favorite.

Try it!”

Lu Weijian took care of her with a smile.

Seeing Madam Lu suddenly cry, he hurriedly said, “Brother and Sister-in-law are really busy recently.

Otherwise, they wouldve come to visit you long ago! Dont be sad!”

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