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Madam Lu was too ashamed to face her son.

She felt ashamed and did not even dare to raise her head to look at Lu Heting.

Lu Heting said calmly, “You chose Weijian.”

Hearing that, Madam Lu knew that Lu Heting already knew everything.

She was pleased with her sons ability, but she also felt guilty toward Lu Weijian.

She nearly caused a big mistake and hurt Da Bao and Gun Gun.

“You dont have to tell Weijian about this.

He had his back facing us and didnt know anything.” Lu Heting was protecting both Madam Lu and Lu Weijian.

Since one was a loving mother while the other was a good son, Lu Heting did not want to ruin their relationship.

Madam Lu cried and said, “Im sorry, Im sorry.”

“Ill arrange for someone to protect you.

I wont let Feng Ze get close to you again,” Lu Heting said.

“Rest first.”

Only then did Madam Lu raise her eyes to size up her sons back view.

His back view was so firm and tall that it was as though this man could deal with anything.

She nearly made another mistake.

If she had really hurt Lu Weijian, what would Lu Heting do

If she had really hurt Da Bao and Gun Gun, what would Lu Heting do

He would probably have to bear much more than she.

When Lu Heting walked out of the ward, his footsteps became a little unsteady.

Fear welled up in his heart.

He could not bear the thought of losing Lu Weijian, Da Bao, or Gun Gun.

He sat on the wooden chair in the long corridor of the hospital and panted softly for a moment.

At this moment, a figure flew toward him.

Smelling that fragrance, Lu Heting opened his arms and caught the person.

He placed her on his lap and hugged her.

It was Su Bei.

When she heard that something had happened to Lu Heting, she rushed over from the production team.

Although she heard that he was fine, her heart still beat very fast.

It was not until she was hugged by him that her wildly beating heart slowly calmed down.

Lu Heting hugged her tightly as if he was afraid of losing something.

Su Bei also wrapped her arms around his neck and hugged him tightly.

“Its okay,” Lu Heting whispered gently after a long time.

Su Bei held his face and found that it was full of scratches.

Her heart ached.

“And you still say that youre fine Its been a few hours, but you havent gotten anyone to treat these wounds.

You wont be as handsome anymore if you have scars.”

“Im not single.

Why do I need to be handsome”

“For me!” Su Bei took out the medicine from her bag.

Fortunately, she had instructed someone in the hospital to prescribe a bottle of medicine.

As soon as she got out of the car, the medicine was in her hands.

“Be careful or Ill fall in love with someone else.”

Lu Hetings laughter rang out softly.

Like a loyal dog, he obediently stretched his face out to her.

After Su Bei was done treating the wounds on his face, she asked, “What exactly happened How did your car collide with Moms”

“Who was so quick to have told you that”

“Dont blame them.

If I ask Lu Hang, how would he dare to ignore me” Su Bei really wanted to know the truth.

Lu Heting did not want her to worry, but he knew that hiding it from her was not a long-term solution.

Only then did he tell her what had happened.

When Su Bei heard about Da Bao and Gun Gun, her face instantly turned pale.

“Its okay.

Da Bao and Gun Gun are fine.

Feng Ze and I stopped Moms car at the same time.” Lu Heting pulled her hand over and rubbed it gently to relax her.

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