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“Brother! Brother!” Lu Weijian opened Lu Hetings car door.

Lu Heting got out of the car with his long legs.

He had a bruise on his face.

His body swayed a little before he stabilized himself.

Lu Weijian could not help but rejoice.

Fortunately, his brother was driving a high-end luxury car today.

There was no problem with the cars safety features.

Although the collision was very tragic, it seemed like his brother would be fine.

“Carry Da Bao and Gun Gun away.” Lu Heting had long noticed that the car that had lost control was aiming for Lu Weijian.

Maybe it was also targeting the two children.

Lu Weijian, this silly and sweet man, thought that it was an accident.

Lu Weijian hurriedly went to carry Da Bao and Gun Gun.

Although Da Bao was unwilling, he could tell the seriousness of the matter.

In order to not cause trouble for Lu Heting and Su Bei, he endured it.

After all, he was still so young.

Lu Heting pulled open the door of the car that went out of control.

When he saw his mothers face, he was slightly shocked, but he instantly understood what had happened.

“Mom!!” Lu Weijian was also shocked.

“Take the children upstairs.

Leave this to me.” Lu Heting had already guessed what Feng Ze forced Madam Lu to do.

“Brother, whats going on Why is Mom like this How did you guys crash just now”

The events had happened behind Lu Weijians back.

He had no idea what was going on.

Lu Heting knew very well that at the critical moment, Madam Lu chose Lu Weijian… How sad would his younger brother be if he found out

Hence, he did not want Lu Weijian to know about this and sent him off.

“Ill leave Da Bao and Gun Gun to you.

Just let me handle the matter, okay”

“Okay, okay.

Ill leave right away.” Seeing that Lu Heting was agitated, Lu Weijian didnt dare to stay here anymore.

He turned around as he walked.

“Brother, tell me if anything happens to Mom! Im very worried!”

The police and ambulance arrived soon.

Lu Heting knew what was going on, so he made immediate arrangements.

The surveillance footage was not leaked and only reported to the police.

Fortunately, Madam Lus situation was not serious.

After all, the cars involved in this accident were good cars.

There was nothing to say about their safety.

It was just that Madam Lu might be troubled by her emotions.

Lu Heting called Lu Weijian and told him that their mother was fine.

What happened today was just an accident.

He claimed that it was because he was too tired, so when he entered the parking lot, he didnt see the car in front.

Hence, he bumped into Madam Lu.

Lu Weijian did not ask further.

After all, he had zero information about the situation.

When Madam Lu woke up, Lu Heting was by her bed.

She opened her weak eyes and sat up when she saw Lu Heting.

“Heting, hows Weijian Wheres Da Bao and Gun Gun”

Before Lu Heting could answer, tears welled up in her eyes.

Had something happened She could not remember at all.

At the last moment, she was so dizzy and could only remember a loud collision.

Madam Lus body went weak from fright as she sobbed.

“Theyre fine.

Feng Ze and I crashed into your car at the same time,” Lu Heting said.

Only then did Madam Lu have the strength to cry even harder.

She knew that she was wrong and had repeatedly made mistakes.

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