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Even so, Lu Heting quickly got out of the car and looked around the entire parking lot, trying to find if something was amiss.

At this moment, Madam Lus car had already started moving toward Lu Weijian.

Although Lu Heting had already realized that something was wrong, it was too late.

He immediately got into the car and started it, planning to stop the car that had lost control.

However, he was still a step too late.

The car was rushing toward Lu Weijian like a wild horse.

Lu Weijian, on the other hand, was unaware of the danger.

He had earphones in his ears and was listening to music leisurely.

He opened the car door and carried Gun Gun and Da Bao.

At this moment, Madam Lu had regained a trace of rationality.

She saw Da Bao and Gun Gun in Lu Weijians arms.

If the car rushed over, she would not only hit Lu Weijian but also the two children!

Unfortunately, she could not step on the brakes anymore.

Besides, she had long lost control of herself as well.

She had broken down.

She wanted to turn the steering wheel to avoid Lu Weijian, but the car was no longer under her control at this speed.

Three loud collisions sounded one after another.

Lu Weijian, who was carrying Da Bao and Gun Gun, looked back and saw three cars crashing into each other.

The scene was very tragic.

The accident happened less than two meters away from him.

Lu Weijian shouted in fear and hurriedly hugged Da Bao and Gun Gun while leaving the scene of the accident.

When Madam Lu could not control the car and was about to crash into Lu Weijian, Feng Ze was in the car and saw Lu Weijian carrying Da Bao and Gun Gun.

He did not have any time to think or react.

He drove straight toward Madam Lus car and slammed into it.

With an even stronger force than hers, he forced Madam Lus car out of the designated route.

Hence, Madam Lus car crashed into the wall of the parking lot instead.

That explained the first two bangs.

The third bang was from Lu Hetings car.

When he realized that Madam Lus car was about to hit Lu Weijian, he chose the only way to quickly stop it.

He wanted to hit the car and drive it off-course.

His car crashed into Madam Lus car at the same time as Feng Zes.

Feng Ze did not expect that Lu Heting would realize that something had happened.

Lu Heting drove over at the same time as him and stopped Madam Lus car.

Lu Heting was really a good person.

Feng Ze was full of admiration for him.

The violent impact made Feng Zes head hurt.

He took a deep breath, turned the steering wheel, and left the scene of the accident!

Lu Heting was not prepared enough.

He drove the car without even putting on his seatbelt, so the impact he received was a little stronger than Feng Zes.

The airbag hit his face hard.

He was dizzy for a moment and could only watch helplessly as the other car disappeared from his sight.

He could see Feng Zes faint figure in the drivers seat.

Only then did Lu Weijian realize that one of the cars was Lu Hetings.

He hurriedly got Da Bao to call the police while he rushed over.

Two minutes ago, Da Bao had already called the police and the ambulance.

At that time, Lu Weijian was still busy celebrating his survival and looking at the complicated situation with a dumbfounded expression.

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