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Then, Feng Ze got out of the car and left with light footsteps.

The video was still playing, and so was the audio.

Feng Ze got into another car and left Madam Lu alone in the earlier car.

Madam Lu pulled the car door open and realized that it had been locked.

She could only stay here.

She reached out to press the button to turn off the video that was playing.

Unfortunately, it was impossible.

The video kept replaying in front of her eyes.

She was forced to make a decision.

She could close her eyes, but she could not stop the sound from entering her ears.

Hence, the images in her mind kept replaying.

“Choose one and I wont pursue this matter anymore.”

These words seemed to be filled with magic, tempting Madam Lu to follow along Feng Zes arrangements.

On the other hand, Lu Hetings car had slowly driven into the underground parking lot.

Su Bei was filming, and he had a lot of work to do recently.

Hence, he did not pick her up personally.

He only arranged for someone to drive her home.

After several days and nights of meetings and work, he was feeling a little tired.

He did not even pick up Da Bao and Gun Gun.

It was not safe for him to drive in his state.

It was fine if he was alone in the car, but he could not ignore Da Bao and Gun Guns safety.

Lu Weijian had gone to pick up Da Bao and Gun Gun.

They should be here soon.

Sure enough, at the other entrance, Lu Weijian came back while humming a tune.

He drove Da Bao and Gun Gun leisurely to the entrance and was slowly walking over.

Recently, the situation was developing in a good direction.

Lu Weijian was quite relaxed.

Initially, Lu Heting did not arrange for him to pick up the children.

However, when he came back from the company, he deliberately took a detour and picked up his two nephews.

He even asked others not to tell Lu Heting that he was here for a free meal.

In the car, Madam Lu was being forced to make an extreme decision.

Feng Ze only gave her two choices.

However, how could she not know that both these choices would ruin her life even more tragically

However, the demon in her heart broke through everything and ran out.

If she had to choose, she could only choose Lu Weijian.

Even though they had been in a mother-son relationship for many years, Lu Heting was still her biological son.

Moreover, Lu Heting was the one who was most likely to be able to turn things around after something happened.

Madam Lus eyes turned red.

After finding her target, there was no rationality in her eyes anymore.

She started the engine and stared at Lu Weijians car.

As Lu Weijian did not stay here, he did not have a fixed parking space.

This neighborhood was under Lu Hetings name, so Lu Weijian usually parked anywhere he liked.

Moreover, because there were very few residents in this building, there were very few cars parked here.

Most of the spots were empty.

Lu Weijian chose the widest spot and drove the car in.

He then opened the car door and got out.

The demon in Madam Lus heart rushed out at this time.

She had already chosen Lu Weijian.

Seeing him get out of the car, the car quickly started and drove toward him.

Lu Heting had just parked his car when he felt that the atmosphere in the parking lot was not right.

It was just his intuition.

He could not tell what was wrong.

Perhaps it was just because he had been too tired these few days.

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