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Feng Ze curled his lips into a smile.

“Thats not necessary.

However, you have to experience the pain youre putting me through.”

“What do you want me to do” Madam Lus expression changed drastically.

With a glance from Feng Ze, someone immediately went forward and grabbed Madam Lu.

They brought her to the parking lot downstairs and stuffed her into the drivers seat of a car.

Madam Lu placed her hands on the steering wheel and retracted them as if she had been electrocuted.

After this incident, she knew that she could not drive anymore.

She asked in shock, “What do you want me to do”

Feng Ze knocked on the car window gently and said casually, “Lu Hetings and Lu Weijians cars will be coming here later.

After they get out of the car, you have a chance to choose.

Crash into one of them.”

“…” Fear flashed across Madam Lus eyes.

However, she quickly calmed down.

“What if I dont”

“Its okay.

If you dont choose to crash into one of them, my men will crash into both of them.

Ill let them both die in front of you at the same time.

Youll experience the scene in the video.

Arent you looking forward to it” Feng Ze smiled casually.

“You!” Madam Lu gritted her teeth.

“Do you think its so easy for you to crash into them Are you underestimating my sons You think they wont have any defense skills”

Feng Ze leaned lazily against the back of the chair.

“As the saying goes,A random punch can kill an old master.

No matter how skilled one is in martial arts, one will still be afraid of a kitchen knife.

As the saying goes,If youre willing to sacrifice yourself to drag the emperor down, even if you cant kill him today, youll still be able to do it tomorrow. As the saying goes,Even a drop of water can pierce through a rock eventually… What do you think of these sayings”

Madam Lu was terrified when she heard that.

From her interaction with Feng Ze, she understood that this young man was not afraid of death at all.

He was only filled with hatred.

He would do anything for revenge.

Lu Heting could be wary, but how could he be wary of the fact that Feng Ze had been scheming every day just for revenge

Seeing her expression, Feng Ze knew that she was afraid.

He smiled and said, “Then choose.

Lu Heting or Lu Weijian Its a little difficult to choose, huh One is your biological son, while the other is a good son.

Ill give you a few minutes to consider it.”

Madam Lus fingers trembled.

How could she make a choice Lu Heting was her biological son, so there was no need to elaborate.

Lu Weijian was the child she raised.

Although they were not biological mother and son, Lu Weijian had a good character and was especially attached to her.

He was always around her.

Madam Lu had long treated Lu Weijian as her biological son.

eng Ze wanted to rip her heart out and make her feel pain.

Madam Lu could not place her hands on the steering wheel, but she was forced to.

Feng Ze did not say anything.

He sat silently at the side and looked at Madam Lu calmly with a faint smile.

Madam Lus fingers trembled, causing her entire body to tremble violently.

Feng Ze gently clicked on the video.

It was playing the abstract animation of the car crash.

A voice echoed in Madam Lus ears as the scene unfolded in front of her.

“Choose one and I wont pursue this matter anymore,” Feng Ze said lightly, throwing Madam Lus heart into chaos again.

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